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Delhi Pollution: Major Concern

Pollution is a severe and crucial problem all across the world and specific measures must be taken both at the government and personal level to ensure that we are able to survive healthy and leave behind us a place where in the future generations can flourish happily. But Delhi the capital city of India has a very dangerous picture reflecting the poor fate of its people in case of air pollution. According to a WHO survey of 1600 world cities Delhi is the most polluted amongst the major cities in the world. Around 1.5 million people die due to the harmful effects of air pollution in India.

The picture was not always so blurry and dreadful in Delhi but with the modernization of the city over the decades and hence the migration of the rural population towards the city in search of a better life lead to an increase in the population of the city at an unprecedented rate. That in turn lead to more and more vehicles, industrial development and hence pollution. Over the years several lakhs of people have shifted to Delhi leaving behind their villages and homelands. It is not just the rural population that migrates but even the youth from small cities rush towards the capital in search of work.

Recently the Air Quality Index (AQI) rose alarmingly high and registered ‘Hazardous’ levels in the capital city. The air at Delhi Technological University, Rohini was poisonous with an AQI of 479 and at the PGDAV College, Sriniwaspuri the air levels were registered an AQI of 452.

The situation is so worse that artificial rain shall be induced at the capital to control the pollution levels. IIT-Kanpur scientists will use the cloud seeding technique to make it shower over Delhi. The city has turned into a gas chamber and there are several measures being taken by the government to solve the situation.

Recently even the international women boxers that had come to Delhi to practice for the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship were seen covering their faces with scarves or even t- shirts as the pollution levels reach beyond dangerous levels.

Toxic smog cause by seasonal burning of crops and vehicle and industrial emissions have made the conditions worse than imaginable.     

Precautions for those travelling or residing in Delhi

While the government is focusing on the issue we also must take precautionary measures to safe ourselves and our family from the hazardous air in Delhi.

  1. Cover your faces whenever you travel- You must always cover your face while you travel with a mask to avoid inhaling the harmful air.
  2. Wash your hands and face at regular intervals- You must keep a sanitizer handy and wash your hands at regular intervals, specially before consuming food. At the same time take regular baths and wash your face to avoid any irritation in eyes due to the pollutants.
  3. Get regular medical checkups- Make sure you get your complete medical checkup, once in every 6 months. It better to be sure than be late. A lung checkup is a must, if you cannot afford or go for entire body checkup.
  4. Install air purifiers- The air purifiers can automatically sense and report air quality levels for you. You can use home air purifiers or room air purifiers, whichever suits you the best. Amazon has a wide variety of air purifiers available for you. The best part is there are wide varieties and range available to suit your requirements. Not many of us are well aware about them, so I have listed down some efficient and best air purifiers for you.
  • Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier (Advanced Technology) - This is one of the best air purifiers available easily at Amazon. It is Wi-Fi & Blue tooth enabled and comes in white and silver color. Speaking of its working this air purifier can automatically sense and filter polluted air. It has a 360 degreed Glass HEPA Filter & Tris Impregnated and Activated carbon filter. It can capture 99.95% of pollutants and allergens to keep you and your family safe. It is suitable for medium or large sized rooms and comes with a personalized angle feature and can oscillate up to 350 degrees that provide proper oscillations. It is energy efficient and comes with a two year warranty. It is priced at Rs.44,900
  • Blueair Joy S 1.5 Watt Room air purifier- This purifier comes with a free pre filter and can be conveniently used for a single room. It generally comes in white color. It comes with a high efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type and can cover an area of 172 sq.ft. in 12 mins. It removes 99.97% of all bacteria, viruses, allergens without emitting any ozone.  This air purifier is priced at Rs. 9,999 and comes with a 2 year warranty. It is an affordable buy with the best in class features.
  • Mi Air Purifier 2S- Priced at Rs. 8,998 at Amazon this is another efficient and affordable room air purifier. It uses a PET primary filter with ultra dense EPA Activated carbon. It comes in white color and has a 1 year on product warranty. It is suitable for bedroom as it covers an area of 400 sq. ft. It has a 3 layer filtration process and removes all the impurities from air. It is a good buy.
  • Philips 1000 series AC 1215/20 Air Purifier- It is a room air purifier with high efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type. It can cover an area of 677 sq. ft. and comes with VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) Technology with Auto Mode, Allergen Mode and Night Sense (automatic light sensing) mode; Certified by AHAM, ECARF and Airmid. Philips is the No.1 company for air purifiers so if you wish to go for the best, this is it. It is priced at Rs.8, 598 at Amazon.