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World Heart Day 2018: My Heart, Your Heart

World Heart Day 2018: My Heart, Your Heart

The World Heart Foundation will organize the World Heart Day on the 29th of September this year. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of September every year.  It is not just an event but a platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.  

This year World Heart Hear Foundation will also have a special focus on a quit smoking campaign for the health of your heart.

This year’s campaign is “MY HEART, YOUR HEART”. What it means is that what can I do to keep my heart and your heart healthy? It is also a tribute to all the cardiology and healthcare audiences that dedicate their time and effort for keeping others heart fit.

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The objective of this year’s campaign is to make a promise to keep your heart fit and take special care of yourself and your family. Take all necessary steps to keep your family members and yourself healthy and whenever necessary take all important steps to keep your heart healthy and happy.

This promise is not just for an individual to keep, but for all the healthcare professionals to promise to save more lives. For the politicians to make a promise, to implement an NCD action plan.

Cardiovascular disease is the reason of maximum deaths in the world today. By making some changes in our lives we can prevent this. We can reduce the risk to our lives by preventing any heart disease or strokes if we take necessary steps.

There have been some really significant themes for World Heart Day in the previous years.

Awareness events held on World Heart Day include public marches and exhibitions, free or easy access to medical tests, symposiums, briefings for politicians etc.