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Why Cinnamon Is Right For Your Skin

How many people are amazed at the magic of cinnamon? Surely there are many. But how many are there who are stigmatized about its wonders on the skin? There are probably very few. So are you eager to know its beneficial effects on the skin? Of course, it is such a wonderful gift of nature, who wouldn’t like to know about it. After all, a little more of vouchers pack is what everyone wishes to know of. The cinnamon is like a voucher pack to give extra benefits to the skin. So if you are interested to know why really cinnamon is good for skin, then this is the right place to find out.

Some Of The Uses Of Cinnamon Over The Skin

1. Lip Plumping Properties –
Are you crazy for plum lips? Many women nowadays are craving plumed lips although some are not naturally blessed with plum lips. But who says one doesn’t get something if he or she wants that thing heartily until that is real. Well here for ladies, girls, and women everyone who wishes to have plump lips need to worry about the cost of surgeries or medicines or multiple complex procedures the incredible magic of cinnamon on the skin of the lips is enough to plump the mouths of the desired person.

2. Anti-Acne Cinnamon Face Mask –
have you ever thought of that little drops of cinnamon powder can work wonders on your face? If not then try and check whether it suits your skin types to work wonder for you. Mixing cinnamon with few drops of honey of about nearly one tablespoon or 3 teaspoons will be enough to make the cinnamon face mask for anti-ageing and anti-acne problem cure from the face. Pretty easy right? 

After whipping the mixture, it will seem to become a mixture of very thick paste looking like tasty chocolate sauce one must apply this mixture on his or her clean face to get a smooth skin texture. This mixture of cinnamon and honey not only stops the harmful bacteria that causes your skin to be acne prone and pimple prone but also it restores moisture on the surface by reducing the redness that pops out in our face sometimes, and we get worried of. After a few minutes like near about 15 to 20 minutes or wait until it gives a bit uneasy sensation then wash off your face with regular water and pat dry it.

3. Can Be Used As A Scrubber For Dry Skin –
are you tired of spending too money on cosmetics and scrubbers? Well, know this magic and you are relieved from the burden of the budget for getting a reliable and good scrubber. Cinnamon serves as a natural scrubber which is efficient and highly beneficial for treating dry skin problems. Isn’t it a big “no” to an alligator like skin?  Well, no one loves such skin types, but many suffer from the blessing of such skin types. For them, cinnamon olive oil & sea salt mixture is a great scrub to get over such irritating skin problems.