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Scholarships To Study Abroad In The 3 Best Student Cities Of The World!

Scholarships To Study Abroad In The 3 Best Student Cities Of The World!

Everyone has dreams to study aboard in the finest institutions of the best cities. To realise this dreams there are various scholarships offered to the students. Clueless about the cities and the respective scholarships? Well this guide is going to help you get the best higher education in the 3 best cities of the entire world for academics – London, Tokyo and Melbourne. Take a look.

List Of Scholarships In The 3 Best Student Cities

  • Scholarships for studying in London, UK – London has got the 17 best institutions some of the scholarships available to study there are –
  • British Chevening Scholarships – these are general scholarships for studying in London.
  • Commonwealth scholarships for developing commonwealth countries – this is for PhD and post grad students from the countries with developing commonwealth.
  • Commonwealth shared scholarship scheme at UK universities – for the students who are graduate and taking taught masters programs.
  • Euraxess UK – this is run by the British council and offers numerous scholarships for interested students.
  • QMUL International science and engineering excellence awards- for the students who want to study engineering at QMUL.
  • University of west London international ambassador scholarships.
  • University of Westminster scholarships.

  • Scholarships for studying in Tokyo, Japan – there are 13 institutions in japan that have got international rankings so that the students can achieve the best of knowledge. the scholarships offered are –
  • Keio University “Design the future” award for international students – in the Keio University the students can get a full waiver at any field of interest.
  • University of Tokyo graduate school of science scholarship for international students – these are the scholarships that are offered to the international students who are interested to pursue masters at the very best University of Tokyo.
  • Some other universities giving international scholarships are – Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo University of science, Ochanomizu University, etc.

  • Scholarships for studying in Melbourne, Australia – Australia is one of the most popular destination for aspiring students due to the presence of 7 cream institutions and other famous universities. The scholarships offered are –
  • Australia Awards scholarships and fellowships – these are for selected students at UG, PG or PhD levels.
  • Endeavour Postgraduate scholarships for international students – these are based on merit, by the government of Australia. They are for the international students.
  • Australian government research training program – these are for studying towards getting a research degree.
  • La Trobe college Excellence scholarships – for the students of the La Trobe university on any program.
  • Melbourne international research scholarships – for the students who want to study at the University of Melbourne.
  • Monash University international scholarships of excellence – for the students who want to study in Monash university of Melbourne.

Still not sure? These are the top 3 cities which offer attractive scholarships for the students. They have some of the best institutes in the entire world so there is nothing for you to walk away thinking about the expenses.