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Incredible tricks to make waxing less painful

Let’s be real and admit that waxing does hurt a lot. I mean who haven’t clinched their teeth at the sight of those strips? But who doesn’t want their skin to look smooth and beautiful? Right? Do not worry as now you can use a few tips to make your next visit to your waxer less painful.

Painkillers are your friend

You can always use over the counter pain killers right before your waxing appointment. Do not overuse them or use them during your waxing appointment as it can lead to pretty unsatisfactory results.

Book an appointment after your period

Periods can make your body more sensitive to pain. So it is advisable to get waxed after you are done with your period. This way you can be less cranky while your waxer is pulling your hair from its roots!

Do not stress out

Everybody knows that waxing is a painful procedure but the pain is bearable. The more you get tensed, the more tight your muscles will become. This way, the waxing procedure will turn into an absolute horror fest. You need to relax during your waxing appointment. You can even talk to your waxer and get more comfortable.

Ditch caffeine

Caffeine works as an energy boasting agent and thus will make your nerve ending more sensitive to pain. Your pain threshold will decrease and it will make you feel pretty uncomfortable. Thus, it is safe to avoid the morning coffee before you get yourself waxed.

Exfoliation is the key

Exfoliation can work wonders as it removes dead skin cells. If you exfoliate your skin before you get waxed, it will make waxing easy and less painful for you. Moreover, exfoliating will help the hair on your body easily attached to the waxing strip and the whole process will become way more smoother.

Throw that razor away

If you want to wax, then you should completely avoid shaving. Shaving makes the hair more coarse and shaving in between waxing appointments won’t let the hair grow properly. This will turn your waxing appointment into your worst nightmare.

Pamper yourself with a hot shower

Hot shower is not only relaxing but can also make waxing less painful. It will help your pores to open up easily and the hair can be waxed properly. Thus, it is better for you if you take a hot shower before you get waxed.

Skin lotion to your rescue

Make sure to place your skin lotion inside your refrigerator, the night before your waxing appointment. After you get waxed, apply the lotion generously on your body. It will not only help with the pain but it will also help to hydrate your skin.

Now that you know how to make your waxing appointment less of a torture, what are you waiting for? Go and book your waxing appointment today. Make sure to follow these tips to get a less painful experience.