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SRIDEVI: Undoubtedly the ‘Queen Bee’ of Bollywood

Call her ‘Chandni’, call her ‘Seema’, Call her ‘Shashi’ or call her ‘Pallavi’, Sridevi has really owned all her on-screen characters like no one else. Her infectious smile, her sparkling eyes and her bubbly attitude had made her the most popular actress of Bollywood. Sridevi has charmed everyone with her ageless beauty, from her directors, to her costars, from her producers to her fans. She ruled the industry in the 80’s and 90’s and made a stunning comeback in the year 2012 which clearly showed that she is an actress par excellence.

Sridevi had numerous hit films and characters in the career span of over 25 years.  This veteran actress is no more with us but we pay her a tribute today on her birthday by bringing you five best films of her career-

1. Sadma (1983)

This film was a milestone in her career. Sridevi portrayed the character of a modern girl who meets with an accident and loses her memory. This memory loss of hers regress her back into her childhood.She becomes a 7 year old girl trapped in the body of a woman and is taken care of by Somu Played by Kamal Hasan. Though the film did not do well at the box office, however, Sridevi’s acting and the film has achieved a cult status in the history of Indian Cinema. 

2. Mr. India (1987)

Who can forget the famous ‘HAWA HAWAI’? Sridevi played the role of a journalist Seema Sahni who falls in love with a man about him she has only heard and has never met. Sridevi was at her comical best in the film and many film critics at that time praised her performance. Her sensuous number ‘Kaate Nahi Katte’ till date remains one of the most romantic songs of the Hindi film industry. 

3. Chandni (1989)

This film made her Yash Chopra’s heroine. Like her screen name ‘Chandni’ in the film, she was pure bliss to watch. Her radiance and warmth made her everyone’s favourite. Sridevi delivered a knock-out performance which straightway took her to the number one position. This film is till date one of her best performances of her career. 

4. Lamhe (1991)

Yash Chopra fell in love with her screen presence after ‘Chandni’ and therefore he repeated her again in the movie ‘Lamhe’ in which she played double role. The film was ahead of its time owing to its storyline. The film portrayed the bold love story of a girl who dares to love a man old enough to be her father. Sridevi was exceptionally good in the film. 

5. English Vinglish (2012)

After a sabbatical of 15 years, what a graceful comeback! Gauri Shinde brought her back to the big screen with her film ‘English Vinglish’. Sridevi played the role of a housewife who tries to master English-skills in order to stop her husband and daughter mocking her. She really proved that there will be no second Sridevi in the industry.

This ageless diva will always remain in our hearts! We miss her the most today.