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Painful Heels- Know How To Comfort It

At a certain point in time, we all prioritize fashion over comfort and end up wearing some uncomfortable high heels. And at the end of the day, we are left behind with some very painful heels.  Pain in the heel is not always due to shoes, there are some more causes for the same. It is more often caused by a condition that is called heel spur syndrome. Our heel is the largest bone in our feet and if you overuse or injure your heel, you may experience pain.

Let’s discuss the ways in which we can comfort our heels:

  • The most common reason for painful heel is shoes, so it is very important to choose the correct and good brand or quality shoes.
  • If your heel is swollen and painful you can use ice packs to reduce the pain. Take some painkillers if required. You can use home remedies also, like applying a paste such as turmeric paste in the swollen areas.
  • A good foot relaxing and stretching exercise every day is good and comforting for your heel.
  • It is very important to rest your feet when it is hurting. If you have a long tiring day at office or if you went for an outing for the whole day, then it is advisable that you come back home and give some rest to your heels.
  • If you are a person who loves to wear high heel fashionable shoes, then one of the easiest ways to comfort your heel is to soak your leg for at least 15 min in hot water with a pinch of salt in it. Believe me, it is far more relaxing than any medicine.
  • When your heel pains a lot, avoid using high heel shoes for some time, and try wearing flat and comfortable shoes. It is very important that you use the right shoes.
  • If you heel is hurting due to some injury, it is always advisable to consult the doctor and follow the right treatment.
  • Here is a trick before wearing high heel shoes- always put a pair of thick socks and walk around for some time. It is very relaxing and good for your heels.
  • Check your shoe rack if there is any shoe which you feel is not correct for your heels; don’t hesitate to discard it.
  • Nowadays there are many products in the market to make your heels comfortable. You can even check them out online and try them out.
  • You can try changing your diet by adding more vitamins and minerals in your food intake; it will help make your bones strong.

So these are some of the tips for comforting your heels. When you have a pain in the heel it is very important to know the reason for the same- is it due to the wrong shoe or due to some injury and treat accordingly. It is not always required to have pain in order to be fashionable; you can always pamper your feet while remaining stylish!