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Style mistakes men should avoid while wearing jeans!!!

Fashion is for everyone. Whether you are a woman, man, baby, or an aged person, there is no denying the fact that fashionable clothing is available for everyone on the market. Are you someone who always likes to wear denim jeans? But do you know that much like all other garments, jeans should also be worn in the right way along with proper accessories? Men tend to make common mistakes while wearing jeans. You must know them beforehand so as to avoid them, in order to look fashionable.

Mistaking slim fit jeans for skinny fit jeans:

You must know the difference between slim fit and skinny fit jeans. If you have thicker thighs, then opt for slim fit jeans as skinny fit ones will look weird. If you are lean then you can try out skinny fit ones. Most men think that skinny fit jeans look nice on everyone. This is a mistake that they make. As a baseline, it is always better to opt for slim fit ones for men so as to avoid a fashion disaster.

Dark wash vs. light wash:

You should know the fact that dark-washed jeans are perfect as evening-wear while light wash ones are for suitable as day-wear. If you are going for a semi-formal occasion and plan to wear light-washed jeans then do not make that mistake. Even though it is about personal preferences, you should have the general idea regarding dark-washed and light-washed jeans.

Wrong Colour:

Are you confused about the colour of your jeans? There is no definite answer as your jeans colour would depend on the accessories and the top wear that you are wearing. Different shades of denim jeans are available on the market. Try to wear a colour that will match with the rest of your outfit and the occasion.

Wearing jeans too low:

If you prefer to wear low-waist jeans then make sure they are not too low as that will make you look horrible. Low-rise jeans are a fashionable alternative to the traditional styles provided they are worn properly fitting the body shape and size.

Wrong Belt:

Men are often found to wear the wrong type of belt with jeans. The formal kind of belts are not meant to be worn with jeans. Also, the thickness of the belt should be chosen in such a way that it can fit inside the loops in the jeans suitably. It should not bulge out from the loops and too thick belts should thus be avoided.

Improper length of jeans:

You should ensure that the length of your jeans is not too low or it is not too cropped. Try not to fold up your jeans unless you are going for an intentional style. Go to the tailor to get your jeans hemmed properly so that you look stylish all the time.

Jeans that do not fit well will make you look strange instead of stylish. Your jeans must not be too skinny or too baggy. It should have the proper design, colour and fit to make you look fashionable. Remember the above mistakes and make sure you do not make them!