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India Independence Day - A Day That Reawakens Humanity And Patriotism

Each year India rejoices 15th August as the Independence Day. The day is noteworthy for every Indian. Later the captivity of ages, India became independent on a similar day as of British regulation, 15 August 1947. The day has been announced as a gazetted holiday through India to honour the great sacrifice of the countrymen.

On 15th August 2018, India will celebrate the 72nd Independence Day festivities. In this year, the celebrations will be diverse and very special as well. Narendra Modi, the honourable Prime Minister, made a wish to create the Independence Day different from his party members in his party’s parliamentary party summit.

On this special day, post offices, banks, offices, businesses, shops, markets, institutes remain closed. Nonetheless, public transport is not exaggerated at all. The citizen of India celebrated with great passion in India’s capital Delhi. Edifying institutes including colleges, schools, as well as public communities correspondingly celebrate this special day.

In what way should Independence Day be celebrated?

The Freedom Day is not a just day in fact. It is rejoiced to give the earnest tribute to all those who pass away to give the republic the freedom and individuality that it deserved. Forwarding posts on the social media accounts are not just a method to celebrate. However, wishing each other is significant, realizing its meaning is as well important. An exact celebration of Independence Day is while you actually aid your fellow peoples when they want and always stand for your nation no matter what.

Independence Day Celebration

India’s Independence Day has rejoiced all over the nation as a National leave of India. It is noticed every year in each Indian state as well as union territories with great passion. President of India gives a speech each year with the aim of “Address to the Nation” on the twilight of a day beforehand the Independence Day. This is celebrated with great passion in the Capital of nation on August 15th, where the Indian prime minister hoists the flag in Delhi, at the Red Fort. After the flag lifting, the National Anthem is sung along with 21-gunshots are fired to honour and salute the Indian flag and sincere occasion.

The Indian prime minister highlights over all the accomplishments of past year, significant social problems and solutions, additional development in the nation, educational topics, etc throughout his speech on the very special day after paying honour to the leaders and freedom fighter of the Indian independence activities who had sacrificed their lives.

A grand march past takings place by the Indian paramilitary forces as well as Armed Forces. The rejoice of Freedom Day takes place in diverse states of diverse cultural mores wherein the Chief Ministers of diverse states hoist the national flag flowed over various cultural activities by the partakers.

Flag lifting, National Anthem song play as well as parade ceremonies comprising other cultural programmes takings place in almost the all educational institutions, governmental along with non-governmental institutions, few of the private institutions all over the country. In the colleges and schools, the national flag is lifted by the Principal also a parade and cultural programmes are carried out by the pupils. On this special day, buildings, government offices, etc gets decorated with the flowers, electric lights and other ornamental things. Diverse sizes of the national flags are used by the people to represent commitment and faithfulness to the country.

There is a huge risk of terrorist attacks when celebrating the Independence Day specifically in the main cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir. That is why a no-fly zone is announced around the Red Fort to stop aerial attacks. Aimed at more security motives additional police forces are placed all over the places. Live webcasting along with broadcasting is done by the government websites also media with the purpose of delivering live casting of the rejoicing of the event to the people all over the nation.

Events of August 15, 2018

1- President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, will address the country on 14th August 2018, at 7.00 p.m.

2- Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India will host the national flag on 15th August morning at the Red Fort

3- On this event, the national anthem will be sung ‘Jana Gana Mana’

4- Guns Salute and guns to pay respect to freedom fighters on the Red Fort

5- Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will speech the nation on 15th August, at 7.10 am

6- After his address, Parade Ceremonies, Marching Ceremonies, as well as Closing Ceremonies will be happening.

Narendra Modi, The Prime minister of India gives a speech on this event

  • Delhi police are efforting hard for the mob that mishappening can’t take place in the celebration at Red Fort. This is for the second time while 300 cameras (360 degrees view by night vision) are using at the Red Fort intended for the surveillance resolution of every nook as well as corner near to the festivity point.
  • Mr Narendra Modi, the honourable prime minister of India has invoked the Quit India Movement once more (after Mahatma Gandhi) to inspire people of the country to expel problems like communalism, corruption, casteism, terrorism, poverty, in addition to dirt forever as of the nation by 2022. He requested the public to take an oath to throw this evil as of the way out of the country as well as make a “New India”.

Last Words

India is a nation with a rich traditional heritage also it is the globe’s largest democracy. The peoples here are dedicated to taking the country to advanced heights. Once the tricolor flag wakes up in the sky, every single citizen promises to effort hard to increase the magnificence of the country as well as takes a firm resolution to make India a country that is always firmly intended for human values.

The significance of August 15 has increased even in everyone’s lives. The nation is facing several challenges within and external boundaries. Political, social and religious constancy in the country is always under threat. This is now the duty of today’s youth to understand the spirit of the enchanted night of 1947 also moves on to the path revealed by the freedom fighters.