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Best Books of 2019 So Far

Best Books of 2019 So Far

Be it a person travelling to Chicago for a meeting or an in imprisoned person serving his years in prison, “books” are read and loved by all. For centuries before and centuries after, no one possibly can ever say that they got bored with this trend of reading books. It opens our minds to new horizons and opportunities, teaches us lessons, makes us more aware of ourselves and what not. Most of the countries have reading books as the basic civil human right. Books are the primary source of imparting knowledge and are accepted worldwide by every caste, religion, creed, gender etc.

How To Decide The Best Books?

Every year, authors are constantly trying to surprise their readers with innovation in their writings and readers giving a massive response in return, either good or bad. Now, there are certain critics and successful and experienced author themselves and people from the world of editing or publication who form judges’ panel to decide over which books can make it to the best books list. They are brought together by various newspaper journals, companies and other variant sources, sponsored and in a due course of time; a decision is reached with a list of books.

Best Books Of 2018

Now comes the list of best buys in books in the year of 2018 that you can get today and calmly sit back and enjoy. Or, gather a group of friends and enter into a Reading Challenge for the year and see who wins. There are certain genres in books which have been marked and ranked separately so that one type doesn’t mingle with the other and it gets easier for readers to rate the books accordingly.


Under this label, there are four books which you must pick up. They are as follows:

  • The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin deals with four Gold siblings who care a little in 1969 regarding their foretold fortunes. However, later the prophecies come haunting after them and continue to hover over their lives like an invisible shadow for the next fifty years. They seek love, fulfillment, and happiness all when they are already aware of their dates of death.
  • Tayari Jones’ An American Marriage is an amazing ready where the newlywed Celestial and Roy in the prime time of making their bond stronger suffers a break in trust and relationship when Roy is wrongly sent to prison for a crime in which he was not even a part of. Celestial tries to pull herself together and keep her relationship intact but finds the tree to marriage shaken to its very roots.
  • The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer has a shy college fresher Greer as her protagonist. Her imagined and patterned love story with her boyfriend Cory takes a massive turn with the introduction of Faith Frank who is sixty-three years old and a pioneer of women’s movement. After The Interestings, this book by Wolitzer is sure to win many hearts.
  • Shobha Rao’s Girls Burn Brighter brings back the concept of strength and faith in the bond of sisterhood and womanhood. Set in both India and America, the tale is of a young Poornima who leaves on a solo journey across continents to reunite with Savitha who had taught her the beauty of hope after a damaging act of brutality had ended up making the two souls distant from one another.


This year, even the non-fiction books surprised people with the amazing list of selection. Check out the books below.

  • Morgan Jerkins’ impactful collection of essays is compiled into a book titled This Will Be My Undoing. She comes to the foreground talking about the real issues in surviving as a black woman in today’s world by bringing in and then blending history, misogyny, feminism, racism and pop culture.
  • Terese Mailhot writes a poetic memoir in Heart Berries. How she comes of age after being diagnosed with bipolar II and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder twice in the Seabird Island Indian Reservation is indeed a tale of courage and very strong willpower.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Aliens and some parallel universe life never fail to astonish us and therefore science fiction is one of the most loved genres ever. So, what is there in this list for the year?

  • Naomi Novik’s Spinning Silver is a dark tale of a woman named Miryem, a young dangerously talented girl who can turn silver into gold.
  • Madeline Miller re-imagines Homer’s Odyssey in her book Circe. In the book, the goddess Circe grows up as an outlaw and is banished to the deserted island. There she learns to tame wild beats, goes on in endeavors and comes across Minotaur, Daedalus, and even Odysseus.


The genre forever loved by most people across the world. In romance, they find an escape into some other world. Books written on this genre fail rarely. Let’s see what the top ones on the list are.

  • In Moonlight Sins by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Julia is an employee under Lucian de Vincent who is both a billionaire and badly reputed personality. As it proceeds, Julia finds herself attracted to this man and comes across certain secrets which she wishes she hadn’t known.

Historical fiction

When history and fiction are interwoven, it creates a beautiful tale of real and unreal. Topping the list in this genre are:

  • Sujata Massey’s The Widows of Malabar Hills is about Parveen, one of the first female lawyers in India who is persistent about bringing in every crime to justice.
  • I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon poses a question whether or not Anastasia Romanov had actually survived the Russian Revolution. Later after the war when a woman comes bearing closest resemblance with the Russian grand duchess, conspiracies and rumors follow her making the historical fiction smell strongly of a thriller.

Those are the books in several genres that made it to the top. Find the books online or grab them from the nearest stores today and get started.