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Mistakes to avoid while buying skincare products

Mistakes to avoid while buying skincare products

There are hundreds of beauty bloggers, artists, and experts claiming their product to be the best.  In the midst of the variety of products that are launched each month, it is a gamble at times to make the right choice. Sometimes, you’re even spoilt by choice!

Well, shopping for beauty products is no child’s play. Since everyone has a different skin tone & different reactions to different products, it is highly important to understand our skin tone and take care of it accordingly. Often, we all neglect ourselves in the hustle bustle of life which may lead to unhealthy behaviors.

# ProTip 1

Not taking your skin tone into consideration while buying beauty products is where girls tend to goof up. The first step is to be aware of your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, sensitive or a combination of both. There are products for different skin tones and if you have a decent skin tone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need to use any product. For every complexion, you can have products to invest in.

#ProTip 2

If you are the one who tests foundation shades on your hand and buys it instantly, then hey! You’re doing it the wrong way. If you have observed, usually the store representative applies the shade at the back of your hand to match it with your skin tone. This can keep a check of the texture but not skin tone. The color of your face skin and the color of the wrist or the hand is different. Best method to find the perfect shade is to apply it on the face.

#ProTip 3

There has always come a point where we might have done impulsive shopping just because the beauty store lady took too much effort. Well, it is her job to advertise and sell products and she has been trained, educated and guided to help you out. But you should not ever feel pressurized to buy it. If you need some time, take it. Make sure you spend your money wisely.

#ProTip 4

Underestimating the power of product ingredients is another one. Yeah, I agree it is a little too taxing to read each and every ingredient but I am sure you wouldn’t want to buy a product that’s harmful for your skin texture or something to which you are allergic to. One of the key observations also includes the expiry date. It’s better to have a 2-minute quick check rather than facing a nasty rash in the future.

#ProTip 5

If you are a person who gets carried away with fancy packaging and someone who doesn’t really pay attention to the product, welcome to the path of the worst breakdown of your skin. Yes! I am not even being over dramatic but there’s always a saying, ‘one must never judge a book by its cover’. Pretty and cute packaging is important but not more than the product. Make a wise choice!