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A few tips and tricks for looking more stylish.

A few tips and tricks for looking more stylish.

We often end up buying things in the need to look more stylish and classy. We are not afraid to splurge on that one pair of clothing that we think makes us look incredibly timeless but, this might be a grave mistake you are making! It does not take bucket loads to look good just a few tricks that will have you good to go. Today, we bring seven tips and tricks that will make you look in vogue without the need of spending a fortune! Have a look-

Don’t splurge on something you only need to wear once.

A big wedding coming up? Or maybe your best friend’s parent’s anniversary and you just want to look perfect for the occasion. As excited we are to buy new clothes and accessories for these instances it is indeed pointless to splurge on something you only plan on wearing once for a certain occasion in your life. This piece of clothing will probably never see the light of the day and you will end up just looking at it and regretting not wearing it more often. Instead of this, you can opt for a few dressy or classy pieces which you can rock the versatility. If you know how to accessorize and pair it right you will never end up looking the same. Don’t go at the moment and spend on one occasion rather spend on a few clothes that will help you go a long way.

Don’t buy something that does not fit you well.

Yes, a tailor might be your best friend but there is only so much he can do when it comes to getting you the perfect fit. Don’t even keep holding on to pieces that do not fit you anymore hoping you would get into it one day. This will only increase your storage problem and make you feel guilty about not being able to fit in it again. If you have to just keep one dress for your inspiration and trash away all those skinny jeans you have saved since high school, hoping you would slip in them once again. Be honest with yourself and make way for more classier and well-fitted outfit that you can look flawless in now.

As tempting as it may be, don’t end up buying something just because it was a bargain.

It is one of the easiest things to let these sales take control over you. We often end up buying things that are plain or do not suit us because we feel they are way too reasonable for their price. This is something that needs to be stopped now! You absolutely do not need that plain looking and bland top you got just because it was super cheap. The same goes for designer pieces, never buy them just because they are affordable right now. Chances are you may never wear it and it is a complete waste of money and your time.

Throw away anything that does not suit you.

Remember that bodycon dress you purchased because it looked really sassy on the mannequin but you never wear it because it doesn’t suit you? Stop holding on to it and move on. Never ever buy anything that does not suit you, even if it is in vogue and highly in trend. Fashion is about comfort and you must never step out of your comfort zone as it will only make you look less confident in what you are wearing. It is common to buy something when we see someone else looking absolutely breathtaking in it, but if it does not suit you don’t buy it or keep it stacked it your cupboard especially when you are trying to reduce your wardrobe size.

Don’t just keep stocking stuff, give away the stuff you don’t use.

Often, we end up buying more stuff but we still tend to cling to our old pieces. Reality check- clothes are not timeless! You need to throw away the jacket you got five years back after you have already purchased a new one. A great way to keep your wardrobe organized is throwing away something when you buy something new. This is also a great way to cut back on splurging as you will only buy things when they are necessary as you know you will have to lose something from your special wardrobe in case you need to make space for this one.  There is absolutely no need to keep sticking on to pieces you once loved and especially when it has been ages since you last wore them and you are just waiting for the right occasion to wear them again.

Make an effort to look for and try new brands.

We are often stuck to one brand and never really care to explore other options because this one suits us very well. But it is indeed a great idea to try and explore new brands. Maybe it is time you change your style and look while you try something new. Yes, your old brand might be super reliable but there are a plethora of new brands just waiting to be explored and maybe you find a much better piece than what you were actually looking for? And if you don’t you always have the option to back to your comfy shop and buy what you finally want but at least you would have explored many options so there would not be any regrets.

Don’t be afraid to buy something you like again.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is never buying something we love just because it resembled something similar to what we already own. If you think you are looking fabulous in it there is no need to think twice! Obviously, no one is asking you to keep buying the same black denim and white jumpsuit you love but it is okay to invest in a few items that you look great in even if they look a tad bit similar. Keep it simple and stylish!