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Ten amazing benefits of rubbing ice cubes to your face.

Ten amazing benefits of rubbing ice cubes to your face.

Ten amazing benefits of rubbing ice cubes to your face.

From being to your rescue when you are out of cold water to immediately providing relief when you accidentally slit your finger while working in the kitchen, ice is something that we surely can’t survive summers without. But did you know ice has some amazing benefits for your skin as well? Well here are top ten amazing benefits of rubbing ice to your face daily. Have a look-

Say goodbye to dark circles.

Long hours at office and lack of sleep is sure to cause puffiness and dark circles. An excellent way to get rid of this is to rub your face with ice-cubes that will help you get rid of your panda eyes. An excellent remedy for this is to freeze cucumber juice and boiled rose water in the form of ice cubes and rub them on the face every day. Slowly and gradually you will see the puffiness fade away and you will get rid of your dark circles for good!

Cleanses your pores.

Our pores on the skin are one of the main sources of detoxification. But what if these pores are blocked due to all the sebum, oil and dirt you have to combat daily? Well here again ice comes to your rescue as rubbing ice cubes on your face daily will cleanse your pores finally giving you a healthy glowing and radiant complexion that you have always wanted.

No more breaking out.

One of the most under-rated cure for acne is icing! You can apply it to an active pimple as it will get rid of the redness and the swelling or just ice your face daily to keep it free from these uninvited zits. Ice cubes not only clean your pores but also soak away the excess oil that can be a cause of your reoccurring pimples.

Works as an excellent pre-primer for your face.

One thing we all are dependent on these days is our make-up. Whether it is a glamourous date where you have to look ravishing, a normal office day where you opt for more of a natural look with just your BB cream or a wedding where you want a full face of make-up, Ice cubes work as an excellent pre-primer. Not only does it make your skin look healthy and beautiful, it also gives you flawless foundation finish. So, make sure to put this in your routine for perfect and radiant skin.

Reduces the growth of facial hair.

Certainly not for men, but women often have to spend bucket loads of money in the parlors for getting rid of excess facial hair. Not to forget the endless anguish we have to endure to get rid of those nasty little hair strands right above our lips or to get the perfect eye brow shape. Well rubbing ice cubes to your face is an excellent way to get rid of them. Waxing is certainly a more quicker way but it is surely not something permanent and you will have to visit the parlor regularly. Icing, although slow is a permanent cure for excess facial hair.

Improves the overall blood circulation of your face.

Icing is a great way to improve the blood circulation in your face. In turn it will end up giving you brighter and more radiant skin. Rubbing ice on the skin tends to constrict the blood vessels which in turn reduces the blood flow, to compensate this the body sends excess blood to your face and therefore increasing circulation in the process. This will help in making the skin more healthy and plump. While simple icing works great adding things like cucumber juice or rose water can also prove to be highly beneficial.

Gets you rid of all that excess oil.

Do you suffer from oily skin and often end up spending loads on blotting papers to get rid of the excess oil? Oily skin might seem like an easy way to keep the skin hydrated but excess of it causes outbreaks which can often end up leaving scars and tough marks on your face which might also be permanent in some case not only this it also makes you feel uneasy throughout. Ice is a great way to get rid of this problem as ice absorbs the excess oil from the face as it controls the fat cells under your skin.

Works as a great scrub.

Ice cubes works as a great scrub as it is natural and pure. Hands down it can beat any chemical exfoliant when it comes to scrubbing the skin. It is a mild scrub which will also reduce inflammation of the skin while cleaning your pores thoroughly. You can also add a few drops of milk to your ice cubes as it will help you get rid of the dead skin cells giving it a natural glow from within.

Reduces the strain on your eyes.

Long office hours of staring at the screen or maybe just being fixated in your phone for long hours does so much harm to your eyes and we often end up ignoring it. These things gradually strain the eyes making them weaker and you will end up with puffy eyes with dark circles that are tough to get rid of. To help your eyes relax a bit you should rub ice cubes on them to energize them for the hectic day you are about to have or have had.

Brightens your skin tone up to a few shades.

Tired of having oily and dull skin? Do you end up spending loads on chemicals and parlors to rejuvenate your skin yet have achieved no results? Ice does the trick for you! Since it improves blood circulation and gets rid of the excess oil, it will ultimately help you in brightening your skin which will, in turn, make it more radiant and healthy. Not only this icing also helps you get rid of those stubborn acne or those wrinkles on your skin that are making you look older.

So, go right over to your freezer and start icing your face right away for its tremendous benefits!