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Amazing and Interesting facts about the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Founder of the world’s biggest online retail store, Jeff Bezos is not only the chairman of Amazon but also an American technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, electrical engineer and computer scientist. Here are some interesting facts about him-


He is originally from Spain!

Although an American entrepreneur, Jeff’s roots are originally from Villafrechós, a small town in Valladolid, Spain.


He is the kid to a teenage mom.

Benzos' mother was 17 at the time he was born. Both his parents were in high-school.

He is the richest man, like ever!

When his net worth reached to $104.4 billion, according to Forbes and $105.1 according to Bloomberg making him the richest man in the history as per Jan 9, 2018.

He does not remember a thing about his birth father!

Bezos although biologically born to Ted Jorgensen and Jacklyn Gise, does not remember a thing about his biological father as the marriage lasted only for 17 months. His mother then married the Cuban immigrant Miguel “Mike” Bezos who brought up Jeff.


His parents were scared that he was too much of a bookworm!

That’s right and due to this, they enrolled him in various sports by the age of eight. He was then appointed as the defensive captain as he memorized all the team plays of all of his teammates.


Smart kid of the house.

As a kid, Benzos showed a great inclination towards mechanical aptitude. He dismantled his crib with a screwdriver and also set up an electrical alarm system to keep his siblings off of his room.

He worked at McDonald's as a fry cook.

He spent a summer in Miami, Florida as a cook in McDonald's. Later he developed a sound buzzer to know when to scramble eggs and flip the burgers while working at the company’s automation unit.

He did not always intend to name the company Amazon.

The company was originally called “Cadabra”. Jeff later thought about naming it as “Relentless” but his friends told him it sounded to spooky and the name later emerged to Amazon. “” still redirects to Amazon homepage.


He has 4 kids.

Married to MacKenzie, the duo has three sons and a daughter. Their daughter was adopted from China.

A benevolent philanthropist

An employee in 2012 once asked him to donate money for same-sex marriage in Washington. The couple ended up in donation $2.5 million becoming one of the largest financial backs the cause had.

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