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Best Indian Cities for Finding Jobs in 2018

If you are a job seeker, then finding a suitable job in this modern world is not at all plain sailing. The perfect option for you to bag a job would be in a city that provides number of job opportunities, proper work and life balance along with an appropriate amount of salary and growth. To choose between a low budget city with limited job opportunities and a metropolis with number of job offers is a bit challenging task. So, here’s a list of some best Indian cities, in no particular order, for you to get a job in.

  1. Bengaluru:  


Apart from being environmentally beautiful, this city also provides a large number of job opportunities. reports states the average salary in Bengaluru as Rs. 5,85,527 and average growth rate as 29%. Also known as the hub of Silicon Valley, this city is preferred by 75 per cent of engineering graduates for their job.

  1. Mumbai:


Also known as the city of dreams, this city provides variety of job opportunities to freshers. Mumbai’s average salary per annum is Rs. 4,98,475 and per capita income is INR 1,25,749. Despite of the rent being high here, you can still earn a good amount.

  1. Delhi:


Delhi has become popular amongst the newcomers for gearing up their career with an average attractive salary of Rs. 4,82,307 per annum. According to the study of AMRC, 32% of job aspirants made Delhi their first preference for seeking a job.

  1. Pune:


This city is the hub for all three IT, automobile and manufacturing company. It serves an average salary of Rs. 5,30,918 per annum rendering higher amount of job opportunities to the freshers.

  1. Chennai:

Also known as the Automobile capital of India, this city comprises of headquarters of many South Indian companies. It is definitely a great and well-budgeted place for you to begin your career. Chennai has an average salary of Rs. 4,44,235 and its growth employment rate are up to 6 per cent.

  1. Hyderabad:


We all know that Hyderabad is famous for its aesthetic pearls. But did you know, it also gives home to some of the world’s biggest companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Rendering an average salary of about Rs. 4,89,505 per annum, this city is preferred by 30 per cent of the people in India.

  1. Chandigarh:


As its nickname suggests ‘The City Beautiful’, Chandigarh is a very magnificent city to live in. Apart from the beauty, it is also a perfect place for you to begin your career. A hub for the telecommunications sector, it provides an average salary of Rs. 5,52,485 per annum. Also, around 22% of people earn more than ten lakhs a year. So along with a pleasant environment you will get great job opportunities and scope of tremendous growth here.

  1. Gurugram:


Previously known as Gurgaon, this city of Haryana gives an employment growth of around 11%. This city will provide you rapid growth in your career as 59 per cent of working people earn a salary between three to ten lakhs. The average salary of Gurugram is Rs. 7,50,000 per annum.

So if you are planning to search for a job, these aforementioned cities would be perfect for you to set your career in.