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Heel hacks

Gain without the pain

Wearing heels can be a pain the ass, they hurt so damn much! It is a real feat if we are able to wear heels for an entire day without detaching our toes from our feet. This fear of heels makes us switch to flats even at formal events, but not anymore! I have a few heel hacks that will us wear those dreaded footwear all day long with no pain! Yes, you heard me right.

The size-

size of heels

When you’re buying heels, always make sure the size is right. If it’s small, it will crush your toes and if it’s big, you foot will slide out and there’s a chance you might twist your ankle. 

Tape your toes-

tape your toes

This is a hack many of us have seen a lot of times online but always dismissed as just big talk. But ladies, it’s true! Tape your third and fourth toe using some medical tape and voila! The pain is gone.

Stretch ‘em out-

strech them out

You’ve not worn heels in a long time and now you have to because it’s unavoidable. Heels tend to shrink if not worn regularly, this may cause more pain but you can stretch them out by filling a zip lock bag with ice and inserting the bag in the heels for a few hours!

Sandpaper hack-


Are your heels slippery? Are you afraid you might slip wearing them? Fret not, rub sandpaper on the bottom sole to rough up the heels and do away with their slipperiness.


strech your legs

Just like you stretch you entire body after a hard day at work, you should also stretch your feet and ankle once you take off your heels. This will open them up and you won’t regret wearing them in the morning.

Hope these take away your heel woes!