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Five things beginner guitar players should learn

Five things beginner guitar players should learn

So you finally decided to learn the guitar, and you’re probably clueless about where to begin. I have complied a list of the stuff you should learn first and in order.

If you work hard and do not give up, you’ll make progress and will reach a good place in no time.

Guitar Anatomy

The first thing you should focus on is ‘every’ part of the guitar. Learn how the guitar is made, what is fret board, bridge, head stock, what is the purpose of each part.

Here, I have attached a visual which will explain you everything, I recommend you to understand this very well, it comes handy.


How to hold a guitar

If it’s your first time, you’ll get confused about how to hold this thing. Watch a tutorial or two, learning how to hold the fret board with your left hand and position your right hand so that its convenient to strum the strings is vital to bring the best sound out of your guitar.

If you’re a lefty, you can reverse the strings, and your guitar will become a lefty guitar. The other option is to flip the guitar without restringing.

How to tune a guitar

An out-of-tune guitar sounds dead and not fun to play. It halts your overall learning procedure and you’ll get frustrated with your de-tuned strings. Its a good option to invest in a tuner. Sometimes you know the song and the chords but you don’t know how to tune this thing, that’s why I’m suggesting you to learn how to tune your guitar.

You can use online tuners like GuitarTuna (an app available both on iOS store and Playstore) or invest in a tuner, if your guitar has a built in tuner, that’s the best way out.

How to hold a pick

If you don’t know what a pick is, it’s a small plastic tool which helps you strum the strings with your right hand.

Although, as you progress, you’ll start using your fingers to play the guitar, pick comes handy when you’re starting out. Pick is also used to play solos, riffs and licks.  

The ground rule is to hold the pick between your thumb and your first finger. There are thinner as well as thicker picks, start with a thinner one.

Also, you do not need to invest in expensive picks, buy anything which is comfortable for you.

How to read tabs and chords

It seems difficult, but as with every diagram that you had to understand in your school time, tabs and chords are no different.

Tabs and chords are nothing but a representation of what you have to play and which fingers you have to use.

Practice some songs, reading tabs and chords gets easier with time & practice.

I recommend you to start with these five topics, master them before you head to barre and power chords. Don’t rush. Patience is the key to learning any instrument.

Let me know what you think and drop some names of songs which you would recommend to a beginner in the comment box down below. Stay tuned for more.