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The Red Bag

The Red Bag

The first look around an otherwise dull retail store was extremely bright as what caught my eye was a tacky red bag. Little did I know that something so unlike my usual taste would become such an essential part of my life in about a month’s time! I know none of y’all are interested to read about the importance of a materialistic belonging safely placed in a closet approximately 2,171.0 kms away from e while I write this piece but will that stop me? No :)

I know you seek to know why this red coloured- not so eye friendly statement piece has gained the significance to have a spot on a public media forum but why should you? Why do you want or should I say, NEED to know everything? 
Come to think of it, as an individual there’s so much you could really spend your time learning but understanding why this article is red bag-centric is what you seek to find out? Either you’re extremely intelligent or you’re not. Or you’re probably trying to “get away” from the anxiety inducing world but here’s the thing, are you really-getting away? 
As long as you’re thinking you’re bound in the dark recesses but the minute you stop? You’re free! Now, that you know the cure what’s really stopping you from using this information is limited knowledge of the means to aid the process. You can try meditating or sleeping all through the day but personally, none of that ish worked for me. What did work though was comprehending and accepting facts and figures. These facts and figures are the ones suggesting that there is no escape. 
The sooner you learn that, the better it is for you! 
Coming back to the red bag? If only I knew of a not so clichéd statement to showcase its importance to me I would have but unfortunately or fortunately I don’t.