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Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

Check out the top technology trends in the year 2019! 

You must have noticed that technology is evolving at a fast pace, and it has also changed careers. The job opportunities are changing with technology evolution, and that’s why everyone should stay updated with the newest technology. The digital transformation affects content, devices, and humans as well. There would be a lot of change in the future due to digital transformations. Here you can check out some of the best technology trends 2019:

Cyber Security 

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It might seem to you that cyber security isn’t emerging technology, but it is going to evolve just like the other technologies. The cyber threats would keep increasing till the internet is there. There will be always malevolent hackers and they will keep trying to get access to data and information illegally. New technology would be adopted to improve cyber security. The cloud technology, hardware authentication and deep learning are three major advancements in cyber security. The cyber security jobs would be multiplied by three times as compared to the tech jobs. Till the year 2021, there will be more than 3.5 million cyber security unfilled job posts. 

Blockchain Technology 

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One of the latest technology trends in the blockchain technology. Blockchain can provide security in different ways, which can be useful. There won’t be any changes made in previous blocks, and that’s why this technology will be secure. This technology is consensus-driven, and that’s why there won’t be anyone who would be able to take control of the data. With the help of blockchain, security can be provided to the cryptocurrencies, and it is helping in protecting personal medical information. It is believed that the blockchain would also protect assets in the future. 

Robotic Process Automation 

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The Robotic Process Automation is another type of technology which is helpful in creating jobs. RPA is basically the use of software to make the business process automatic. Processing transactions, interpreting applications and data dealing comes under the RPA. It is one of the famous technology trends in recent years. New jobs will be created due to RPA and almost 60% of occupations are going to be automated in the next few years. RPA also offers a lot of career opportunities like business analyst, project manager, consultant and developer. 

Artificial Intelligence 

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Artificial Intelligence being the latest technology trends has received buzz in these years. It would continue to be in trend for many more years because it affects the lives of humans. The computer systems are developed to mimic the intelligence of humans in order to perform particular tasks comes under Artificial Intelligence. AI can be helpful in doing tasks with a faster pace and more accuracy. It is used to predict maintenance, schedule trains and also help in saving money. It can result in job loss and almost 73 millions of jobs will be eliminated by the year 2030. The jobs would create in programming, development and maintenance field. 

AR & VR 

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Another latest technology trends are Virtual Reality is mostly used for gaming while Augment Reality improves the environment. The famous Pokemon Go game is also an example of Augmented Reality. There is huge potential in both technologies in the field of education, marketing, entertainment and training. There are more than 37% of people who want a job in VR field but potential workers are less. Only basic programming knowledge and creative mindset are required to get a job in this field. Most of the employers are looking for hardware engineers and person with better skills to perform these tasks. 

Internet of Things 

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Some people might think of it as a game on a smartphone, but that’s not true. IoT enables home appliances, devices, and cars to be connected, and data can be exchanged with the help of IoT. The IoT devices would reach at the number of 30 billion till the year 2020. The doors of your home can be locked even if you are in the office. You can preheat your oven sitting at your workplace, and you can also track your fitness by using the health bands. One can be able to take efficient and smart decisions with the help of data analysis and collection. 

So, these are one of the latest technology trends in the world. These trends would keep evolving with time. There are several jobs eliminated with these technologies, but many more jobs will be emerging in the technological field due to these trends. Human lives are going to become more accessible and hassle-free with the new technologies around. There are no chances that you will regret taking help of the best technological trends.