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Mary Kom becomes the first female boxer to win 6 gold medals at World Championships

Mary Kom has done it again!

Mary Kom defeated the Ukrainian Hanna Okhota in the final of the Women's World Boxing Championship to win the gold medal in the 48 kg category and her sixth world title in the K.D. Covered stadium of Jadhav on Saturday.
Mary Kom is now the most successful boxer in tournament history and won gold exactly 16 years after winning for the first time.
The boxer from Manipur won the winner by unanimous decision (5: 0).
"First of all, I would like to thank all my fans, thank you, guys, I have nothing to give them, what I can give you is a gold for the country, they came especially for me and for the Indian contingent. In recent years I could not fight in the 48 kg category, "Mary said after the fight.
Mary, who overcame her weight class to win a 51 kg bronze at the London Olympics, previously won the World Gold Championship five times, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, in addition to winning a silver medal his debut in 2001.
"I had to jump into other categories, the effort was very challenging for me, because of your love and support, I hope to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I could not qualify for the Rio Games. I'm still suffering."
"I can easily give a gold in the category of 48 kg, but 51 kg, it is difficult because other boxers can have a height advantage," Mary added as she broke down crying.
Welcomed by the thunderous chants of "Mary Mary" in the K.D. In the Jadhav room, the Indian took the ring with a statistical and psychological advantage over her Ukrainian opponent, whom she recently defeated in the semifinals of the Silesian Women's Open in Poland.
Standing up to the reputation, Mary started the opening round aggressively and landed a couple of correct punches fairly early in the round before taking full control with a combination of two shots to the right towards Hanna.
However, towards the end of the first round, the Ukrainian managed to shoot Mary's face before the Indian fought against Okhota. Mary appeared unshakable at all times and finished the round with some punches and a right-hand and left-hand combo.
The Indian returned with more aggressiveness in the second round, and started with a powerful hook with her right and then doubled the attack with two quick hits to the right to leave her opponent shaken.
A left-handed blow from Okhota pushed Mary back, but towards the end of the round, the Indian gave a perfect right hook to approach another gold.
The third and decisive round began with the boxer Manipuri delivering a right-handed punch and adding it with a left-handed and right-hand combo that completely discouraged Okhota.
The 35-year-old pugilist was dominant in the World Championship in New Delhi and it was no big surprise when he entered the 48 kg final with a 5: 0 unanimous victory over Hyang Mi Kim of North Korea.
Despite the past years, Mary has only improved her reflexes and the vast experience helps her to analyze the game of her opponents quickly.