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Know how TV Stars celebrated ‘Valentine’s Day’

Shashank Vyas -

Tv actor

 I personally feel true love doesn't mean showing your love to someone only on one day but continuing to love that someone forever. I am a strong believer in love and therefore I wished all the couples in love a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I spent quality time with myself and didn't change my routine for Valentine.

Sehban Azim -


 This Valentine I celebrated with my friends. I might have a house get together later. For me, Valentine's Day is like Friendship Day. I would like to date Deepika Padukone because she is a perfect woman. 

Samiksha Bhatnagar-

samisha bhatnagar

While Valentine's Day represents love, Valentine's week is equally important. For me, Valentine's Day is really an extension of a relationship that already exists and that you have an ongoing expression of love for somebody. I had a gala time spending it with my friends.

Hrishikesh Pandey -

Hrishikesh Pandey

 Basically, I am not a believer in a particular day has to be a Valentine's Day. Any day, if you love somebody and you have feelings for somebody you can express your feelings, emotions and love in any relationship. So you don't have to wait for any particular day. But yes, it's being celebrated every year on a particular day so I am a part of the society so I do follow that and I celebrated it with my friends.

Dolly Sohi -

Dolly Sohi

 Well Valentine’s Day isn’t that important day for me because I think every day is a Valentine’s Day. You don’t need some particular day to celebrate for your loved ones.  I celebrated it with my daughter as she is my only date, my love, my romance, everything!