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Crazy sex laws

Because the world needs some crazy

Crazy sex laws

Sex is not just a taboo word, it is a taboo concept. For some reason, what you do behind closed doors with your partner is everyone’s business and god forbid if you ever do it out of wedlock; you are branded as someone with loose morals and an ‘easy’ character.

Laws help us govern the world better but some laws are out and out weird and make you go ‘WHAT?’ Sex laws from around the world are pretty weird and had us scratching our heads in amazement too. Here is a list of some weird sex laws around the world.

  1. In England, it is prohibited to have sex on a parked motorcycle.

  2. In China, women are not allowed to walk in the nude inside their hotel rooms. Bathrooms are exceptions though.

  3. In India, marital rape is not considered ‘rape’. No surprises there.

  4. Women can kill their cheating husbands in Hong Kong. The catch is that she can only kill him with her bare hands.

  5. In Lebanon, it is not considered illegal to have sex with an animal as long as it’s a female. Gross.

  6. In Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sexual relations with the wife and daughter at the same time.

  7. Mothers are required to watch their daughters lose their virginity on their wedding night in Columbia. Awkward!

  8. Men are not allowed to kiss their wives’ breasts in Florida.

  9. Mating with Satan? Use protection! That’s right, in California; it is required under law to wear a condom if you wish to engage in coitus with Satan.

  10. Going to a gynecologist in Bahrain must be a task! Male gynecologists can only check lady parts through a mirror.

  11. In Liverpool, England, topless saleswomen are allowed in stores that sell fish. Um, what?

  12. Sex with lights on in Budapest, Hungary is a punishable offense.

The world is a weird place indeed.