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How to maintain your work and Family?

How to maintain your work and Family?

There are multiple expectations and burdens in the corporate world. Meeting these expectations is not only tiring and demanding but also life threatening. Though this extreme pressure brings material happiness and success yet this success often takes an ugly turn when one is unable to manage the “home” and the “world”.

Family comes first- though this may sound cliché yet it’s true. We are not suggesting that work is not important or secondary, what we are trying to say is that it is important to maintain a balance between the public and private. Does your family call you a workaholic? Do you have no time for sleeping or eating? And is your best friend your mobile phone?  If yes, then you surely need to stop and think again.

Life is short and your inability to manage it has made it shorter.

One can follow these easy steps to ensure that life functions smoothly:

Manage your time table- Remember your school days, when your teacher would scold you and ask you to follow a time table. Well it’s time to go back to your school days.Make your time table. This will help you to organise your time and priorities.

Chose hobby- Hobbies are not just a waste of time, they help you to manage stress and depression. Whether it is reading, cooking, gardening, singing, dancing, bird watching or just watching movies. One must have a hobby to divert oneself from excessive work and pressure.

Plan a vacation/family calendar- We all need a break. This break helps you to understand your self’s as well as your family’s needs. You don’t have to go to expensive resorts and hill stations for your vacations. A simple weekend trip to your home town can bring the desired change.

Meditation/ yoga- Yoga has always been a solution to our physical and mental problems. Yoga every day will save us in numerous ways. One need not spend hours, but taking out few minutes for yoga will surely affect our functioning.

Colleague time- Do you envy and hate your colleagues? Do you wish to spend time with them but are unable to? Its time to change that. Talking and sharing with your colleagues not only helps you professionally but also helps your growth as an individual. You need not spend hours gossiping about your boss.(or you can) but you can strengthen the colleagues bond at lunch time.

Being optimistic- Be+ is the new mantra of any corporate employ. It has been scientifically proven that a positive person enjoys better inter personal relationships than a cynical individual. This attitude is also reflected in their work.

Channel your thoughts and energy- Everyone gets frustrated and helpless. Anger and irritation is a part of one’s work life. But at the same time it is important to realise that these emotions should not over power their reason. It is important to channelize your energy is a work efficient manner.

Health is Wealth/ Eat and Drink- be health conscious-  Eating and drinking healthy food will make your life smoother.

Don’t be Cranky

Start your day early

Maintain A Diary (MAD)- Maintaining a diary is old fashioned? Think again. Diary can help you vent out your frustration and resentments. It has a cathartic effect. Diary entries will make you understand your strengths and weaknesses. So I advice you, Get MAD.