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Sharmajee Ki Beti review: Celebrating Womanhood with Heartfelt Storytelling

In recent years, "women telling women's stories" has evolved from a mere slogan to a powerful cinematic movement. Earlier this year, Kiran Rao's Laapataa Ladies captured hearts with its gentle storytelling and endearing performances. Now, Tahira Kashyap Khurana, making her feature film debut, delivers a heartwarming tale with Sharmajee Ki Beti. This film, celebrating women and womanhood across generations, is akin to a warm cup of masala tea with a zingy lemon twist. It's simple, genuine, fun, and feels like a comforting group hug among women affirming each other's worth.

Sharmajee Ki Beti intricately weaves together the lives of three women sharing the surname Sharma. These parallel stories converge briefly, leaving a lasting impact. The film's simplicity and lack of pretension are its strengths, offering generous doses of laughter, albeit not being an outright comedy. The impeccable comic timing of the actors enhances the narrative.

sharmaji ki beti

Release date 28 June 2024
Critic's Rating 2.5/5
Director Tahira Kashyap
Cast Divya Dutta, Sakshi Tanwar, Saiyami Kher, Vanshika Taparia, Arista Mehta
Duration  116 minutes

The Stories of Five Women

The film delves into the relatable issues faced by modern, middle-class women navigating existential crises in urban settings. Swati Sharma (Vanshika Taparia), a teenager, worries about being the only girl in her class who hasn't started her period yet. Her mother, Jyoti Sharma (Sakshi Tanwar), is climbing the professional ladder as a teacher but struggles to maintain her daughter's respect, despite having a supportive husband, Sudhir (Sharib Hashmi).

In another household, Kiran Sharma (Divya Dutta) from Patiala struggles to adjust to Mumbai's fast-paced lifestyle and battles loneliness, despite her husband Vinod's (Praveen Dabbas) almost non-existent presence in their marriage. Kiran's mother in Patiala prefers making reels or playing on the PlayStation over listening to her daughter's woes. Kiran's daughter, Gurveen (Arista Mehta), also Swati's best friend, is preoccupied with her short hair and confused about her life's direction.

Tanvi Sharma (Saiyami Kher), an aspiring cricketer, faces pressure from her boyfriend Rohan (Ravjeet Singh) to appear more feminine. The beauty of Sharmajee Ki Beti lies in how these stories intersect yet maintain their individuality.

Tahira Kashyap's Directorial Debut

Tahira Kashyap's confidence, courage, and conviction in writing her characters deserve applause. She allows these women to embrace their flaws and be proud of their existence. Each character faces her own struggles, varying in intensity, but never forgetting the superwoman within. The film addresses several pertinent issues but maintains a light-hearted storytelling approach, preventing it from becoming preachy.

The screenplay's minute details and nuances elevate Sharmajee Ki Beti. The humor is embedded in the little things, keeping viewers engaged. Serious situations often turn hilarious, such as Kiran dreaming of donning a Superwoman costume to rescue people from a burning building. Jyoti's constant reminders on her phone, from the maid's salary to kitchen duties and spending time with her husband, add to the charm. The friendship between Swati and Gurveen and the mother-daughter relationships are particularly heartwarming. Scenes where Gurveen shares a secret with her mother or Swati understands her mother's right to work are beautifully written and moving.

The Cast: Stars of the Story

Tahira deserves praise for resisting the temptation to cast big stars, allowing the women to be the story's true stars. Sakshi Tanwar delivers an earnest performance, portraying the struggles of working mothers with a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability.

The young actors, Vanshika and Arista, bring vibrancy to the film. Their camaraderie, bonding, comic timing, and dialogue delivery are impeccable. Vanshika, in particular, stands out with her mature and nuanced performance.

Saiyami Kher's portrayal of an aspiring cricketer echoes her character in Ghoomar. While representing women who prioritize dreams over relationships, her storyline feels the weakest, offering little in terms of expressions and activity.

sharma ji ki beti

The show-stealer is Divya Dutta's performance as a housewife on a journey of self-discovery. She embodies strength, perfection, and finesse, making you smile, cry, and feel her agony. Her presence lights up the screen, with the climax scene with her husband being a film highlight.

Final Thoughts

Sharmajee Ki Beti does fall into some stereotypical tropes, such as labeling housewives as idle or career-oriented women as selfish. These clichés contradict the film's celebration of womanhood. At times, the narrative seems to bite off more than it can chew, leading to moments of chaos. However, the film's heart and authenticity make these flaws forgivable.

In essence, Sharmajee Ki Beti is a slice-of-life film that resonates by celebrating women as strong, flawed individuals without being over-the-top or overtly feminist.

The film is now streaming on Prime Video, offering a heartwarming watch for all.