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Carry on Jatta 3 Gippy Grewal's Blockbuster Collects 50 Cr


Carry on Jatta 3, the highly anticipated Punjabi film starring Gippy Grewal, has taken the box office by storm. With its hilarious storyline, stellar performances, and a loyal fanbase, the film is on its way to becoming an All Time Blockbuster. Let's delve into the box office collection details and the overwhelming response the movie has received.

Record-breaking Success:

Carry on Jatta 3 has shattered box office records since its release, emerging as a game-changer in Punjabi cinema. The film has witnessed an exceptional response from audiences, leading to packed theaters and houseful shows. Fans have eagerly embraced the hilarious comedy and the charismatic performances of the talented cast.

Box Office Collection:

The film's box office collection has been nothing short of phenomenal. Within the first few days of its release, Carry on Jatta 3 grossed an impressive amount, establishing itself as a box office powerhouse. The film's incredible run continues, with a steady stream of audience pouring in to catch the laughter riot on the big screen.

All Time Blockbuster:

Carry on Jatta 3's success has propelled it towards the coveted All Time Blockbuster status. With its soaring popularity and unprecedented box office numbers, the film is poised to join the ranks of Punjabi cinema's biggest hits. Gippy Grewal and the entire team behind the film deserve immense credit for delivering an entertaining masterpiece.

Audience Reactions:

Fans and moviegoers have been raving about Carry on Jatta 3. Social media platforms are buzzing with positive reviews, praising the film's rib-tickling comedy, engaging storyline, and memorable performances. Audiences are thoroughly enjoying the non-stop laughter and are recommending the film to their friends and family.

Future Prospects:

Carry on Jatta 3's box office journey is far from over. The film is predicted to continue its stellar performance and surpass the 50 crores mark in India. With a strong word-of-mouth publicity and the enduring appeal of Gippy Grewal's brand, the film is expected to dominate the box office for weeks to come.


Carry on Jatta 3 has struck a chord with audiences, proving to be an absolute delight for fans of Punjabi cinema. Gippy Grewal's remarkable performance, along with the talented cast and a well-crafted storyline, has propelled the film to new heights of success. As Carry on Jatta 3 marches towards the All Time Blockbuster status, it solidifies its position as a must-watch comedy that guarantees a laughter-filled cinematic experience.