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Bharatanatyam dress History – Make-up And Ornaments

History of Bharatanatyam dress

One of the most elegant types of dress are the Bharatanatyam dress. It not only enhances the dance's beauty but also represents Indian culture and custom. The majority of the female body was not covered by the Bharatanatyam attire worn in the king's palaces. Under Marie Camargo's guidance, the costumes of the dancers suffered changes in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Bharatanatyam dress dance form's typically reflects the attire worn by Tamil Nadu brides. According to legend, Bharaatnatyam was even done as a component of the Devadasi dance style, in which female servants would perform the dance in order to please their masters.

bharatanatyam dress

 Baratanatyam dress variety

  • Skirt design
  • pyjama style

There are typically two kinds of Bharatanatyam costumes. They come in a different skirt design and pyjama style. These two dress designs are both beautiful and practical for the performer to move in accordance with the "Tala sounds." The Bharatanatyam costumes are made by stitching embroidery with various religious themes and patterns. Although, in the past, people sewed the Bharatanatyam costumes with gold and silk strands. Beautiful patterns and motifs are stitched into the sari pleats using zari work. The pleats of the sari open out gorgeously when the dancer adopts a symbolic posture like Muzhu mandi, which is a sitting pose and a half sitting pose. This enhances the visual appeal of the dance.

bharatnatyam dress

Dress for women

Bharatanatyam dress women has the look of an Indian saree. The sari, however, is made up of numerous pieces of cloth and is not one component. As a result, the dress is made to be put on swiftly and to perform in comfort. The fan was very drawn to observe the dance as the dancer made different movements. The outfits have a very attractive and vibrant colour. To decorate the dancer's form, the border of the costumes is prepared using various sari pieces and stitches in numerous designs. The "choli" appears to be quite fitted and the same shade as the "dhoti."

bharatnatyam dresses

Dress for men

Bharatanatyam dress for men is quite simple, with a pleated dhoti covering the bottom half of the body. These pleats enhance the attractiveness of the dance steps. On the other hand, the top part of the body is only partially covered in jewellery. The top half of the men's bodies are not covered by any apparel.

bharatnatyam dress

Dress ankle bells

An essential component of the Bharatanatyam costume are the ankle chimes. Bells, which are worn by both men and women in their dance, are basically necessary for the Bharatanatyam dance. It helps the dancers in maintaining correct timing between their leg movements and the "Tala" sounds. The sounds of these dancers' ankle bells, which in Bharatanatyam dance must move in time with the music and keep track of the dancer's footwork, are used to evaluate them. They first put on a two-row bell before switching to a three-row bell. However, as the performer continues to improve, the number of rows rises.

Dancers hold these ankle bells in high regard and the teacher teaches the student to treat their ankle bells with care and respect at all times.

bharatnatyam dress

Jewellery in Bharatanatyam costume

The extravagance of the jewellery improves the beauty of this costume, and the different items of jewellery worn by Bharatanatyam dancers have specific names .

All of these jewellery items are generally referred to as "temple jewellery." The wristlets, necklaces, and bracelets fall under this category.

Buns must be worn and plaits must be made for the Bharatanatyam dance attire. The brow has been decorated with the "tika" and the "dot," and the bun on the top of the plaits is adorned with flowers. Dancers also don the "Chandrasuryam" and another significant head covering known as the "Thalaisaman."

The neckpiece and earrings that are part of the Bharatanatyam dress with saree and jewels add to the dance's beauty. The neckpiece is decorated with peacock and floral patterns as well as red and green pearls. They tie "Venkies" and adorn the plaits with a long, snake-like ornament on the upper portions of both arms.

Bharatanatyam Dress makeup

One of the most distinctive features of a Bharatanatyam dress is makeup. Dancers use makeup to draw attention to their eyes and make their eye movements obvious. In order to add beauty while dancing, they also have red dies on the tips of their fingers and toes. The viewer is drawn to the dance style and the dancer through these dances.

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