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Controversy Alert: Parmish Verma and Sharry Maan’s yet another online brawl

There was a time when Parmish Verma and Sharry Maan were considered close friends in the Punjabi entertainment world. They had worked together, and Maan was very excited to attend Verma’s wedding. However, the same wedding became the point from which Parmish Verma and Sharry Maan started growing apart.

Parmish Verma got married in October 2021, and like most celebrities on his handle. Therefore, phones were not allowed, which offended Sharry Maan. At the same time, since Parmish was occupied with the rituals, he couldn’t attend Sharry personally, which further added to his rage. Sharry went online to vent his anger, which started the internet war between him and Parmish. Things were said and heard, but then later the two tried to bury the hatch by sharing sweet notes on Instagram.

However, recently again it seems the wounds got opened. It started with Sharry Maan going live on Instagram to talk to his admirers wherein he said do let your Parmish Verma know that I am coming to India, so if he wants to meet me he can. He added that CM is his brother, so he will be getting direct security, and if Parmish also needs it, do let Maan know. “I hope you understood,” Sharry Maan quoted as he used some colorful language during his live session. Further, the singer was drunk and he also indirectly commented that Parmish Verma thinks of himself as the international singer Drake, but in reality, he is often seen running away after his shows.

After this incident, Parmish Verma also shared a story on his social media account, wherein he too didn’t take Maan’s name directly, but wrote - “ ‘Bahut Kalakaar G.O.A.T Ban’de Dekhe Si. Aah Pahila Hai Jehda Gadha Banda Dekhya! Taras Aunda Tere Eh Haalat Dekh Ke’(I saw many artists becoming G.O.A.T. This is the first one who is becoming a donkey. I feel pity seeing you like this.)”

This recent clash has made the fans wonder if ever Sharry and Parmish actually made peace with each other or not.

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