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My Favourite Hello and Hardest Goodbye

My Favourite Hello and Hardest Goodbye

My Favourite Hello and Hardest Goodbye

It was your best friend's birthday,
The guy who introduced us,
Who told us how we were perfect for each other,
How our sense of humor was the best he had come across,
He introduced us, and it’s his birthday today.
I know you will be at the party,
Which is the reason I reach early, to find a quiet corner to hide in.
People look at me, wondering why I enter alone,

I grab a drink and run to hide inside the closest corner I find,
I see you walk in, wearing the crisp white shirt and rolled up sleeves,
You still make my heart flutter,
I try to remain unnoticed, but my veins drown in the smell of your perfume,
I want to run away, but I cannot move,
Like I have never been able to move when you were holding me,
I wonder if I am scared of seeing you again or never seeing you after today,
I step out and see you in your charming ways,
Cracking jokes and smiling the kind of smile that could make the sun melt,
I force myself to move out of the room and our eyes meet,
You smile, but I am unable to move my muscles yet again,
You carry on talking and I leave the party,
I will never be okay about not seeing you again.