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15 Best Celeb-Approved Braids and Plaited Hairstyles

Braids are easily my favorite accessory because they are a quick and easy way to add a little change to any casual hairstyle. A clean, tight braid can make a hairstyle that makes it more elegant, while a loose boho braid can dress up a downward look and make it feel more relaxed or romantic. Here are some modern ways to incorporate braided hairstyles into your style system.

#1: Curvy Fishtail hairstyle

Curvy Fishtail hairstyle

Adding a thicker fishtail along with the low ponytail makes it appear shinier. professional advice; Add a little oil or gel to your hands while braiding your hair to keep your hair in check and make it look shinier and smoother.

#2: Micro Braids hairstyle

Micro Braids hairstyle

When you're in the mood to perform the opposite of a wavy hairstyle, try adding in a few braids or twists for a bit of excitement.

#3: A voluminous Dutch braid hairstyle

voluminous Dutch braid hairstyle

For the days when your hair has enough dry shampoo to cover a village, use this texture to your advantage and pull your hair into one huge braid down the back. Then a bit rough on the ends for that messy "didn't try hard" look. If you can do a French braid on your hair, try placing the hair under the middle section rather than placing the braid on top.

#4: Braided Top Knot hairstyle

Braided Top Knot hairstyle

Wrapping your braids in a top knot and adding accessories is a great way to change the way you style your protection styles. Adding a sparkly headband is a good tip for those bad hair days when you want the focus to be on your look.

#5: Romantic Side Braid hairstyle

Romantic Side Plait

On the days when you have to restyle your hair but don't have enough time (or energy), try a messy side braid. Take out the front pieces that still look good and apply the rest with a texture spray to add sand and volume to make them look intentionally more messy and plump. 

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No. 6: Braided from the front, the tip at the back hairstyle

#6: Plaited in the Front, Party in the Back

This mid-back French braid style is so perfect for everyday life to keep your hair out of your face but still have something loose. It's the perfect way to transition to smoothing out your hair if you're following a messy bun routine. Simply braid the entire side back as you would in pigtails, but stop braiding when you reach your ear and secure it under most of your hair at the back.

#7: Messy Braided Top Knot hairstyle

Messy Plaited Top Knot

When the braids are too long and get in the way, try tying them into a high knot. But before pinning it in place, pull a little bit of it on to give it more volume and texture. Next, use an oil or leave-in conditioner on the ends you leave behind to tame loose hair and condition your tresses.

#8: Stylish Mohawk Braid hairstyle

Sleek Mohawk Plait

If a regular Dutch or French braid feels a little too casual for your event, try separating a 3-inch-wide section in the middle of your head and slipping the other sides back. If braids like these are intimidating because you can't get your hair soft enough, try oil-dampened hair braiding for shine and shine.

#9: Braids In Braids hairstyle

 Plaits on Plaits

A really cool way to style box braids is to braid them. You can treat every big braid or some fine braids as a tuft and incorporate them into French braids, fishtails, cascades, etc. your style. This one features thin square braids pulled into a high pony and wrapped in an elegant fishtail braid for an event. But you can also finish with a simple side braid for a more casual approach.

#10: Infinity Braid Updo hairstyle

Infinity Braid Updo

Rolling the ends of the braid and hiding it underneath is a nice way to style short hair that doesn't fit into a full-on hairstyle. This is also a nice workout hairstyle for when you are tired of slipping your ponytail and don't want your hair to touch.

#11: Longggg Braid hairstyle

Longggg Plait

This braided ponytail style is perfect for adding accessories while braiding the ends. You can add as many different lengths or colors as you like. The possibilities are endless and it's a good solid braid that you can wear for days.

#12: Fishtail Accent Braid hairstyle

 Accent Fishtail Braid

If you're going to an event that you want to do half up, half down, but want a little more accent, try adding a loose braid over the section you removed. Try this on old hair and use dry shampoo on the roots for more texture and easier removal.

#13: Braided Bangs hairstyle

Plaited Bangs

Whether they leave you blown away or you don't want them to wrinkle too much while you're on the go, try this look. Use some leave-in conditioner while combing your bangs and continue to braid it behind your ear to secure it under your hair. Then cover it with a firm hairspray to prevent those ends from sticking out all over the place. 

#14: Twisted Vertical Braid hairstyle

Twisted Topsy Plait

If braiding is too difficult for you, try one of these. Take a section of hair and tie it with an elastic band and then flip it upside down like a ponytail. Then take a section below and repeat the process keeping each section loose. You can also play by placing the rubber bands off center or right in the middle as in the picture.

#15: Classic Pigtails hairstyle

Classic Pigtails

When in doubt, go for the classic. Starting the braids at the base of a low ponytail is a slightly different type of Dutch braid and makes it easier to braid and add extensions if you want to add drama.

As you can see, there are so many ways to add braids to elevate your look!

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