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Raqesh Bapat exits Bigg Boss 15 house on medical grounds

As previously reported, Afsana Khan was asked to leave Bigg Boss 15's house. The singer posted a fight with her friends, Umar Riaz, Karan Kundra, and Tejaswi Prakash, and tried to harm herself. And now according to sources, the show has also come out of Raqesh Bapat. However, his discharge occurs after a medical emergency.

A source has informed us that Raqesh, who entered the show last week as a wild card contestant, suffers from kidney stone pain. As he was in terrible pain and completely uncomfortable, Bigg Boss's team took him to the hospital. As of now, he is still out of Bigg Boss 15's house. However, if he feels better, they will call him back on the show.

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A post shared by Raqesh Bapat (@raqeshbapat)"Since the departure is due to a medical problem, he will be given the opportunity to return. The source added that so far he is under observation and will soon make a decision on his return to the program."

Raqesh Bapat
was one of the finalists in the Bigg Boss OTT. He also formed a relationship with Shamita Shetty, and the lovebirds reunited when he joined forces with Salman Khan, who was recently introduced by Bigg Boss 15. To celebrate their bond, the filmmakers even planned a date for Shara, as fans call them, to last night's episode.

A part of the audience criticized the creators of Bigg Boss for being biased towards Shamita Shetty. After the entry of rakhi brother Rajiv Adatia, boyfriend Raqesh Bapat and his good girlfriend Neha Bhasin was also rumored to have entered the program. The developments have caused netizens to control the show and call it "Sasural Shamita Ka".

Laughing at the accusations, Raqesh said in a conversation with: "I think they are not biased at all. They only get people who can give them good content. Be it Rajiv, me, or Neha, it is a coincidence that everyone is connected to Shamita somehow. "But it's not forced. I don't feel like doing it. I don't think they are here to do a family show, but just to create more drama. "

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