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Katy Perry was stunned by Claudia Conway during her latest American Idol performance.

Claudia Conway a 16-year old daughter of Kellyanne Conway, Shocked Katy Perry as she performed on American Idol’s stage on March 21 episode.

We could see a whole new Claudia Conway during her last American Idol performance.

The 16-Year old was transformed completely “I was really, nervous, and I had these doubts in my head telling me, you’re not ready, you’re not good enough,” Claudia told idol viewers on March 21, as this was going on her head when she came last time to perform.

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The transformation could be clearly seen on her face, making her first performance since auditioning on the Feb, 14 season premiere. The TikTok star’s parents are kellyanne Conway, who served as senior counselor to former President Donald Trump, and George Conway, an attorney who worked against Trump.

"I'm Claudia Conway, I'm back!" said Claudia as she prepared to sing during Hollywood Week.

She was looking different from the last time we saw her, her hair was dyed black since her last audition which led Katy Perry to exclaim, “I’m sorry, excuse me, what?!”

Claudia laughed and said, "Yes! Little change." Katy replied, "You mean a transformation." At that, Claudia said, "A transformation."

Then Claudia explained to the camera that she was dealing with serious doubts in her initial audition, during which she got lucky and Katy Perry asked to try a different song which was enough to get her to Hollywood week.

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Claudia continued about Katy, she said “Katy believed in me and I am grateful for that. Now I'm just drowning it all out and telling myself that I can do it. I've been trying to establish my own identity for a while. You know, most people don't know that I'm into music. Most people don't know that I'm a singer, and it is very, very important to me. I'm literally freaking out, but I'm going to keep it cool, you know? But I'm freaking out, I'm all over the place. But I'm cool."

“I’ve never performed on a stage that way that was crazy,” Said Claudia after the performance. She learned that she had made it to the next round with all the other contestants as Katy said “Congratulations you all are in the next round”.
 Kellayanne was shown clapping and cheering as Katy announced the happy news.

"omg. I am just as shocked as all of you!! I'm STILL in the competition on @americanidol! I'm back to sing tomorrow to DUET! don't miss it!!"
Claudia posted to Instagram after her big moment.

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