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Pathan: Deepika Padukone To Have A Never-Seen Look In Shah Rukh Khan And John Abraham Starrer Upcoming Movie

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham's Pathan are coordinated by War and Bang top dog Siddharth Anand and delivered by YRF.

The ravishing hotshot of media outlets, Deepika Padukone began the shooting of Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham's Pathan in November a year ago. While the entertainer is depicting the personality of a government agent in the endeavor alongside SRK, the most recent updates recommend that she will be found in an at no other time symbol, which will be a treat for fans. According to the report, a source said, "It's the personality of a smooth specialist, who goes on a mission close by Shah Rukh Khan, and subsequent to thinking about on different looks, they at last focused into the kid trim (short hair) symbol for DP. She has effectively shot an extensive lump in the film, and is relied upon to join the group of Pathan again from mid-March."

Talking about her amazing passage in the film, which was shot in December, the source added, "It was a huge set up to film her early on scene at YRF studios. The crowd is on to see Deepika Padukone  more than ever in Pathan." Talking about the activity successions, the source stated, "It will be a big-screen visual scene with activity and rush on an alternate level. The three leads – SRK, DP, and John - as additionally Salman, who has an all-inclusive appearance, have activity in a lot to bring to the table in the film."


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Allegedly, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will perform activity arrangements on the highest point of Burj Khalifa as a source told the gateway, "The thought is to go one step over what's as of now done as such far. Aside from Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious establishment, very few movies have been shot inside Burj Khalifa, and Pathan will be among the initial not many Indian movies (likely the first) to have real visuals of the pinnacle from inside. A major scale activity scene revolved around Burj Khalifa is in the offing from the group of Pathan. It's a vehicle, bicycle, firearms, impacts, hand to hand battles – prepare for the activity, that is smooth and jazzy, at worldwide notoriety in Pathan."

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