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Bigg Boss Today- Jan 29, Rakhi Sawant attempts to pull Abhinav Shukla`s jeans down, `Apni hadd me raho` says Rubina Dilaik

Bigg Boss Today- In the past couple of scenes of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant gave us a brief look at what she asserts is her insane romantic tale with Abhinav Shukla by carving the words, I Love Abhinav, in red everywhere on her body. She at that point changed to her Julie mode and scissored Abhinav's underwear on public TV. Rakhi will presently hit a new low by attempting to pull Abhinav's jeans down. Yet, his significant other Rubina Dilaik will accept things without a fight. 

In the promotion of the impending scene, we see Rakhi pursuing Abhinav any place he goes. She admits her affection to Abhinav yet the last doesn't appear to be intrigued. He attempts to flee from her Rakhi yet all to no end. Abhinav looks truly baffled and powerless. Likewise 

In the following edge, we see Rakhi going too far by pulling the line of Abhinav's shorts while he is stopping parading his uncovered chest area in the nursery territory. Abhinav is shocked with Rakhi attacking his private space. This doesn't go down well with Rubina who cautions Rakhi to remain in her cutoff points. 'Rakhi, apni hadd me raho,' Rubina advises her irately. Yet, Rakhi is least thought often about Rubina's displeasure. 

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Afterward, Rakhi contends with Rubina that Abhinav maybe her better half, all things considered, yet in Bigg Boss 14, he is her co-contender on the show. She reveals to Rubina that she will keep doing what she feels is diversion making Rubina significantly angrier. Rubina continually continues to request that Rakhi stays in her cutoff points however Rakhi will not do as such.

It stays not yet clear how Rubina and Abhinav will handle Rakhi's tricks as time passes and how Salman Khan will address the theme in the forthcoming Weekend Ka Vaar scenes. We should stand by and watch.

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