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Why is National Unemployment day trending on the PM Modi s Birthday

The BJP has launched a week-long celebration on behalf of "Siva Sabtah" from 14 to 20 September to mark Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday. Prime Minister Modi is seventy years old today, on September 17th. Most of the people on Twitter praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus across the country and to deal with the situation between India and China, among other things. Recently, the World Health Organization also praised Prime Minister Modi's timely and difficult decisions in light of the Coronavirus and said India is in a better position than other developed countries. On the other hand, however, a certain sector of netizens on Twitter celebrated September 17th as National Unemployment Day, and the trend has spread rapidly.

But what is the relationship of Rashtriya Berujgar Diwas to the birthday of Prime Minister Modi?

The hashtag Rashtriya Birojgar Diwas, or National Unemployment Day, is a protest against the country's high unemployment rates and highlights the government's inability to create jobs.

According to the National Statistics Office (NSO) report, India's gross domestic product contracted in the April-June quarter by 23.9%, the first contraction in more than 40 years. The number of unemployed will likely rise not only because people cannot find work, but also because many already employed are likely to lose their jobs due to the economy and lockdowns imposed due to COVID-19. Now the audience is in the hope of the PM of the nation to take some steps and work on the unemployment rates of the country. 

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