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Kangna Ranaut's battle with Shiv Sena

Recently Kangana is in news a lot more after the sudden demise of the Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, which has ignited the so-called “outsiders” of the film and TV industry. Lately, Kangana has put fort some very blunt and furious tweets and comments, Kangana has compared Mumbai with POK, called BMC as “Babur ki Fauj(army)”. Kangana challenged on social media to shiv Sena that she is coming back to Mumbai on 9th September, Apart from that she said that she does not feel safe now in Mumbai and requested Amit Shah (Minister of Home Affairs), to provide her Y-security. 

But when Kangana arrived, soon after arrival she complained about the BMC. The BMC has done the demolition of her office.

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The Mumbai High Court halted the unauthorized building demolition in Representative Kangana Ranaut's office on Wednesday, hours after the Prihanumbay Municipal Authority (BMC) began training. "We cannot help but state here that if the MCGM (Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation) acted with the same speed as much unauthorized construction work, the city would be an entirely different place to live," the court said.

The BMC team arrived at the Bandra West office in Ranaut around 10:30 AM and claimed to have demolished nearly 75 percent of the "Unauthorized" extensions and extensions when the court residence came in the afternoon. The authorities said the rest would be canceled after the suspension of the Supreme Court was removed.

In a video message posted on Twitter in Hindi, Ranaut attacked Prime Minister Odhav Thackeray and said he would make a film about Kashmir finches because he now understood their "condition and their pain".

Meanwhile, the president of the National Congress, Sharad Pawar, on Tuesday separated from his ally Sina, to question the behavior of the Moroccan Military Council. "I don't know if something is illegal ... It wouldn't be appropriate to comment on this without having the appropriate information. Illegal construction is nothing new in Mumbai. In the prevailing situation, BMC's actions leave room for suspicion in people's minds. However, BMC has its own rules, and officials may have deemed it appropriate to take action, ”Pawar said.

About the accident:

September 10, 2020:

Mumbai Police provide security outside Kangana Ranaut's home and office

Mumbai police have made security arrangements outside Ranaut's residence on the outskirts of Khar and his bungalow office in Bandra, an official said Thursday. Ranaut returned to Mumbai from his hometown of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday, hours after BMC demolished "illegal alterations" in his Bandra bungalow. "A police car has been deployed with officers outside their residence in Kahr to handle any adverse incidents. The policewomen are also part of the team," the official pointed out. "Similar security arrangements have also been made outside his home on Bali Hill, which was partially demolished by a civilian authority yesterday," he said. According to the sources, the actress is likely to visit her home on Bali Hill on Thursday.

One day after the Brihanmumbai Corporation demolished part of Kangana Ranaut's Pali Hill office in Mumbai, Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra went unnoticed by BMC. BMC has issued a notice to Manish Malhotra to illegally convert his residential space into a commercial property. You have been given 7 days to respond.

According to a report on a news portal, BMC has raised objections to the alleged construction at the Manish Bungalow, which is also located on Bali Hill in Mumbai. BMC has marked the unauthorized addition and modification by building partitions, cabins, and unauthorized construction of a structure or shed on the first floor of its bungalow management office. The notice under Articles 342 and 345 of the MMC Law was reportedly sent to him while writing that he would be responsible for prosecution under Section 475A if his explanations as to why the illegal buildings had not been demolished were unsatisfactory.

On Wednesday, a major drama unfolded after BMC destroyed "illegal" parts of the Manikarnika Films office in Kangana Ranaut. The actress' legal team applied to the court to obtain a demolition stop. The court suspended the demolition and required BMC to provide a response to Kangana's request.

After the accident, many Bollywood celebrities took to their social media to criticize BMC's inappropriate behavior and support Kangana Ranaut.