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Samsung plans not to include Charger in the Box Starting Next Year

Samsung has not shared any information, but reports have been circulating from Apple doing the same.

Samsung may plan a controversial move with its smartphones for the next year. A report says the company may not include chargers with new smartphones as a way to cut costs. The report said details about this plan are unclear or confirmed for the time being, but industry sources have told the post that Samsung was discussing this strategy. If this pays off, Samsung can price its phones more aggressively.

According to the South Korean publication report ETNews, Samsung plans not to include a wall charger in the retail packaging of its smartphones starting next year.

It is believed that the company is doing this to reduce the increasing costs of smartphones. Enabling 5G on smartphones is also mentioned as a reason for this, according to the report.

Another reason for this may be that every home builds chargers, whether it's USB Type-C or Type-A, and removing chargers from new phones may not be as important. However, given Samsung's lack of confirmation on this, all the reasons are just speculation.

Given if this happens next year, Samsung phones may drop in prices, but at the moment it cannot be said how much. However, the report notes that chargers are not particularly expensive components, which means the price cuts may not be that great.

As a reminder, it has recently been reported that Apple is also planning to exclude the charger from the upcoming iPhone 12 retail box, as well as wired headphones. So, if the big successes of the smartphone industry are already paying off with the move, other manufacturers will follow as well.

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