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Doctors warn you: Not to do these 5 things when you are out

The coronavirus pandemic has caused countless people to return to their daily activities with understandable anxiety. If you want to stay safe, read on for the dangerous public activities that doctors want you to avoid at the moment.

These are the worst "virus spreaders" that you should know:

1. Birthday parties

We all got used to eating a birthday cake with enthusiasm after the guest of honour took out her candles and breathed everywhere. With relaxation on restrictions in many states, people may be more tempted to throw a birthday party. But as a group in Pasadena, California, learned in early May, there is a lot of risk in doing so.

2. Weddings

Many future brides who planned to marry in the spring or summer of 2020 had to postpone their weddings. But before the severity of the coronavirus was known, weddings served as fertile ground for the virus.

3. Funerals

Not being able to bid farewell to one of your deceased loved ones is very difficult, but meeting together in tears can have dire consequences. In early March, a large group of people attended a funeral in Kershaw County, South Carolina. Many guests ended up contracting the coronavirus, and six ended up dying as a result.

4. Religious services

While some have repeatedly called for religious services to be treated as core business, there are numerous incidents that make these events a breakthrough and generate a large number of positive cases for COVID-19.

5. Joint dinner

In April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a Chicago man who transmitted the coronavirus to a large group of people by attending two other events mentioned in this list, a birthday party and a funeral. Plus another dangerous activity: a shared dinner. The CDC cites eating "common dishes" and touching the same tools that the virus uses to spread.