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Top ten yoga exercises to perform during the quarantine

Haven't each one of us been planning to work out regularly and promised ourselves that we would come out of this self-quarantine with a fitter, better versions of ourselves?

But whom are we kidding? All we have been doing is slaying at being a couch potato. This article will prove to be a real savior for those who are into yoga, and for those who aren't, you should surely try.

So here are ten yoga poses which will help you can pull off a full-body workout at the comfort of your homes:

1. Downward Dog.

Start at the top of a pushup with your hands, shoulder-width apart and your feet hip-width apart. Press through your palms as a shift back into a downward-facing dog. Widen your upper back as you pull your front ribs in.
This exercise stretches your shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and hands. This exercise not only relieves stress from your body but also energizes it and leads for better performance and strength.

2. High lunge

From the downward dog, lift your right leg up and put your right foot forward between your hands and come into the position of a High Lunge. Pull your front ribs as you lower your tailbone. Drive your back heel behind you as you take your hips down. Hold this pose for 5 slow breaths in and out through your nose for great benefits.
This exercise stretches the hips, legs, chest, and groins resulting in a more substantial lower body with better endurance in muscles.

3. Low Lunge

From the high lunge pose, drop your back knee down slowly to the floor into a Low Lunge. Then return to high lunge. This exercise stretches your legs, knees, and ankles altogether resulting in better abdominal health.
This exercise stimulates bowel movement and strengthens the upper and lower abdomen. Gastric issues with constipation and indigestion are gone within a week by performing this every day.

4.Warrior III

From the High Lunge and Low Lunge cycles, shift to the Warrior III pose by pushing off of your back leg to the same height as your torso. Square your hips down towards the floor and reach through your fingertips and back heel. Stay in this position for 5 whole breaths.
This pose stretches the entire back of the body including shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and ankles. This not only helps you in maintaining a better posture but also reduces any back pains and makes your back stronger.

5. Hand-to-Big toe 

From the Warrior, III swing your back leg through and forward. Extend it straight out in front with your arms overhead. Hold this one for 5 whole breaths. This pose opens up your thigh muscles and stretches them really well along with your hamstrings, hips, ankles, shoulders, and arms. This results in stronger thigh muscles with a lot of endurance and strength and toned arms and better shoulder strength.

6. Standing split (one of my personal favorites)

Shift from the hand to big toe pose to the standing split by swinging your left leg back behind you, reaching your hands down towards your right ankle. Lift your left leg as high as possible balancing yourself on your right foot. A little complicated but highly effective, this exercise stretches the entire back of your body and results in strengthening knees, calves, hamstrings, and thighs. Apart from the strengthening property of this exercise, it also helps you maintain a balanced body with better posture.

7. Pushups 

Bring both your palms to the floor, pull your front ribs in, tighten your hands, and squeeze your butt. Lower your torso down to the floor, then press back up to do a pushup. Cycle through for 5 reps. This exercise is supremely beneficial for the upper body especially your triceps, biceps, shoulders and pectoral muscles. It not only strengthens them but also builds endurance.

8. Plank Ups

From the top of a pushup, bring your right forearm down, then your left, and come into a forearm plank position. Then place your right palm down, then your left to lift to a plank. Move between forearm plank and plank for 30 seconds. This exercise is one of the most amazing yet challenging. This is that one pose you think is quite easy as it looks too simple but trusts me, you have no idea how magnificently it can shake you up to the core. Planks have numerous benefits including better core strength, improves metabolism, enhances bone and joint health.

9. Bird- Dog (Again, a fun to play with, pose)

Start back at the top of a pushup. Lift and extend your right arm forward. Pick up your left foot while keeping your hips on the floor level. Hold for a quick second and switch. This exercise results in better stability of the body, neutralize the spine, and relieve lower back pains. It also strengthens your core, hips, and back muscles.

10. Easy Twist

First, come in the position of a standing split, step your left foot back from there and go into a runner's lunge with your hands on either side of your front foot. Extend your left heel back and the crown of your head forward. Keep your left palm up on the floor as lift your right arm up to twist to the right. Hold this pose for five slow breaths. This exercise helps in increasing flexibility throughout your spine, shoulders, and chest. This also tones your abdominal region resulting in a healthy digestives system and better working kidneys.

At last, I would like to conclude that all of us are in a phase of lockdown due to the deadly virus that has been in our country since this January, but it should not stop us from being happy and taking care of ourselves. Challenges and unforeseen events are part of life. This time is never going to come back to utilize it as much as possible by taking care of your head and heart. Remember, healing takes time, and it does not always require major external forces; it all comes from within.

 Have a great quarantine, and remember to stay fit, strong, and healthy.

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