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Spring Crafts for Kids

Springs are the time for fun, joy and creativity. With flowers blooming all around and nature at its best, spring is the best time for the kids to learn from nature around and develop their creative instincts. All we need is to channel these instincts into something extraordinarily appealing. Crafts are the best way to develop a healthy creative environment for your kids.  So here are a few spring crafts ideas for kids-

Finger Puppets-


Indulge in a beautiful storytelling evening/ afternoon with the finger puppets. To make a finger puppet, punch holes in cardboard paper and form two circles, large enough for your kid’s fingers, then imagine and create a bird by glueing on cupcake liners to create a bird's wings. You can further add details as per your choice. Once the puppets are complete, you can act out a story and carry out a small puppet show.   (Via I Heart Crafty Things)

Spring Textured Jars-


It is a fun way of using recycled material to use. Use 3D paint and paint interesting designs on recycled jars. You can then paint everything with a layer of regular paint in exuberant spring colours. You can then add flowers to the jar and place them at a suitable location. (Via Crafts by Amanda)

Nature Paintbrushes-

Go to the garden and find some interesting flowers and sticks. Then use these flowers and sticks to create a painting with watercolours. Use vibrant colour flowers and let your child decide how to paint his/her painting based on his/ her own creative thoughts. (Via Messy Little Monster)

Stained Glass’ kites-

All you have to do is cut out tiny square shapes from tissue paper. Use bright colours. Once you have the square shaped pieces ready glue them over black construction paper forming the shape of a kite. (Via Makes and Takes)

Easy Birdhouse-

All you have to have is an empty carton and lots of colours and creativity. Decorate the carton in the form of a birdhouse, leaving space for the birds to enter and leave. Once ready place it in your garden and help nature grow.  (Via Craft Create Cook)

Paper Chain Snake-

You will need some strips in any two of your favourite colours. Cut out strips of cardstock, and attach them jointly to form a string of rings that appear like a snake. (Via Raising Little Superheroes)

Five Little Ducks-  

All you have to do is to collect rocks of different sizes and paint them in yellow and white colour so that each one appears to be a duck. It’s a shape sorting game and allows kids to develop better artistic and analyzing skills. (Via Red Ted Art)

Rain Sticks-

Decorate a cardboard tube, and then fill it with items, like rice or beads, so your child can give it a shake to see if he can summon the rain. (Via Happy Hooligans)

Egg Carton Ladybugs-

You will need an egg carton for this one. Cut out the base of the carton and then turn it into a colourful ladybug. (Via One Little Project)