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 Dressing tips for women during the rainy season

Dressing tips for women during the rainy season

A rainy day typically calls for a cup of coffee and some long brooding time over books. Who wouldn’t like to wake up to the rumbling of clouds and pitter-patter of raindrops unless there is an important meeting to attend or a super urgent errand that needs to be done! While stepping out many of us cringe at the sight of water puddles along with the other hundred troubles that the rainy season brings with her. Well, we have sorted out one such thing –how to dress in monsoon. This can be a guide to effective yet good dressing during the monsoons:

1.    Wearing bright colours can lighten the mood and make one enthusiastic on an otherwise damp day. Colours like bright green or blue or even some hints of pink, yellow, orange can make one look positive and can even be an inspiration for the onlookers. Whites or light pastel shades must be avoided at any cost since mud stains are difficult to take out. Also while choosing a dress one must be careful as not to select something that can bleed out colour or some tops that tend to get transparent when wet.

2.   It is advisable not to wear something long like skirts or dresses that reach till the ankle. These clothes can get stained easily or in the worst cases can get wet upon while walking on the street with puddles.

3.  If one decides to wear Indian clothes, short kurta paired with leggings or churidar can be a good option over patialas or salwars. One can ditch the long dupatta for a small scarf. Again, caution must be maintained while choosing the scarf, a wet scarf can bleed out the colour and stain the kurta. It is better to take chiffon or georgette scarves over cotton ones.

4.   An overall trench coat can be a good option to cover the dress underneath and also keep one warm in the chilly wind.

5.   Footwear selection is important as rainy season tends to make the roads slippery and prone to accidents. One should avoid heels at all cost and also leather shoes. They are very hard to dry off and can emit a damp smell. It is better to opt for plastic sandals or rubber shoes or flip-flops, floaters etc.

6.   Hair and makeup should be kept at the bare minimum. This season makes the hair damp. It is advisable to make a neat bun or a braid instead of open hair. Makeup can be limited to waterproof eyeliner and kajal paired with a light shade of lipstick. Foundation should be avoided if possible.

7.  Denims should be avoided in the rainy season as they tend to soak up a lot of water and takes time to dry. Also, denim is difficult to roll up.

8.  Umbrellas and raincoats are among the important accessories in this season. So why not have a little fun with them? One can pair a dress with a matching umbrella or while choosing a raincoat one can keep in mind the kind of dress to wear with it. Also, there is the option for transparent raincoats which look cool with any kind of outfit.

While avoiding leather shoes one must also try to avoid leather bags and opt for a waterproof faux leather bag which can be dried easily. The contents inside can be kept in small leak-proof pouch to avoid a messy situation. These tips should help one sail through the monsoon season.