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10 super dope Henna designs you absolutely need to check out for the wedding buzz!

10 super dope Henna designs you absolutely need to check out for the wedding buzz!

Although the wedding season is far away but there is definitely no season for having beautiful Henna designs. Mehendi is one of those things we eagerly look forward to apart from heavy traditional clothes and accessories especially during weddings. So today we decided to treat you with some uber cool yet classic henna designs so that you are all set for all your wedding shenanigans beforehand, have a look-

The Floral Swirl

Floral patterns go with every bride regardless of the style she chooses. It adds grace and charm to the overall outfit bringing in the softness and feminine side of the bride. This is the only neutral pattern that goes with every vibe you plan to go with. The design looks super delicate but is actually super interesting. The tiny patterns of leaves and flowers make the fingers look longer than usual making them look more toned and in shape while they also end up giving them the required depth to the design to make our hands look absolutely flawless. When in doubt go for this pattern without thinking twice as it will surely add all the missing grace to your outfit.

Everyone’s favorite- Evergreen Paisley

A typical in Indian households. This is one pattern you have definitely tried on thanks to our well versed “Mehendi waale bhaiyas” who can create this intriguing pattern in a matter of minutes. The time does nowhere tamper with the beauty of this design and this one is surely always evergreen. One of the most popular designs that are generally always included in these designs is the timeless classic mango shape which then is filled by numerous patterns. The strokes in this design need to be carefully done as they provide the design with its gorgeous symmetry we all die for with small paisleys on the fingers and large ones on our palms that look super flattering on the hands.

The Grand Architecture

Obsessed with the royal architecture and want to feel like the royal princess of India? Well, this design is the way to go. This will make you feel like you are getting married in the old and grand palaces of Udaipur. The domes and the floral patterns that are a part of this design can be very similar to those engraved in the royal places of Mughals and Indian palaces. The pattern can at times be confused with tapestry as the checks and splits might look very much alike but do not forget to take into consideration the flowers and domes that very well balance the strength of these strong shapes. This is a very catchy design and must try if you are looking to do something royal and grand.

The Royals- Raja and Raani

A pretty common design which you will also commonly find highlighted in Mehendi books. You need a steady hand for this one as you need to draw figurines of a kind and a queen on the hand to make it feel royal else it will end up being a source of mockery. The king and queen henna design seem to be inspired from the era of the kings and queens again as this again has a royal charm to it. The main point to note in this design is that it is made in a way that the Raja and Raani are supposed to stand out so if you are in the mood for something bold, go for this!

The Peacock motif

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds and is highly popular in India. It becomes even more popular when Indian weddings take place. Be it the bridal lehenga or the matching accessories this beautiful bird adds a graceful touch where ever you need it so it is only obvious that it will look absolutely jaw-dropping in mehendi designs. This blends perfectly with the floral designs making you look super duper elegant. Nothing beats the poise of a peacock with its fluid long neck and breathtaking feathers.

The passionate elephant

The absolute favorite and highly popular design in Indian weddings. This design is loved by all not just because it looks absolutely flawless on your hands or legs but is also fuller while giving a different flair varying on your persona. The pattern might look a little too repetitive for some but that is actually the highlight of the design. This is a little different from the floral and architectural designs as it looks uber subtle without overpowering your hands and feet.

Colored Mehendi

Kind of a new trend but this one has instantly become a favorite all around, especially with the young generation who loves playing with colors and trying something out of the box. This can be done with any traditional mehendi design by adding colors to it which makes the henna stand out. Though this is not the traditional way to flaunt your Mehendi this surely a unique way to show off something unique with your super modern and chic lehenga that will add the desired spark to your style factor. It will surely make you the unique bride everyone will remember.

Curvy is always in!

Curves they surely make anyone turn heads twice. They can be on your waistline or even in you Mehendi design these will surely make your Mehendi look super attractive. The filling pattern can involve checks with curves while you can also throw in some flowers and hearts to make the pattern look fuller and more attractive to the eye. A bride’s hand or feet should look as smooth as her vibe so we recommend going in for this pattern and if you are in the mood for some fun why not even add in your spouse’s name and cover it with beautiful tapestry and curves to look absolutely ravishing.

Checks and checks!

Tired of the monotonous Mehendi curves or even with the high end royal patterns. Well, we have something different for you! How about incorporating some geometric patterns into your henna design so that it pops out from all the same floral and curvy patterns? This is also a very smart yet subtle choice for people who are willing to do their mehendi in a filling yet unique style.

Asymmetric love

We all love asymmetry in our fashion and clothing so why not incorporate it in your Mehendi design? You don’t always have to end up filling your mehendi with a pattern. Break the norm do what you like and make a bold statement. Don’t like few shapes which keep on repeating your hands and feet are your canvasses go ahead and do what you feel would look good after all Mehendi is where we can do all our experimentation and yet not worry about it being permanent.