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Some Known and Unknown Facts about Sarojini Naidu

Some Known and Unknown Facts about Sarojini Naidu

Some Known and Unknown Facts about Sarojini Naidu

Known as the Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu has been a source of inspiration for many female artists and politicians today. On her 138th birth anniversary we shall pay tribute to this great personality who opened doors for all of us. Here are some known and unknown facts about Sarojini Naidu-



  • She received her education from University of Madras; King's College, London; Girton College, Cambridge
  • In her early childhood she wrote a "Maher Muneer" which earned her a scholarship to study abroad.
  • She knew multiple languages  including English, Bengali, Urdu, Telugu and Persian
  • She married Muthyala Govindarajulu Naidu who was a South India. She took a revolutionary and unconventional step by marrying outside her caste in times when this was not allowed.
  • She became the First Female Governor of an Indian State- i.e present day Uttar Pradesh
  • She actively participated in the independence struggle and was often jailed with other political leaders
  • She was the first Indian woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress
  • On her death anniversary i.e March 2, we celebrate Women’s Day , as a tribute to her contributions.

She lived a long and happy life and never gave up the revolutionary zeal- in her own words she said, “As long as I have life, as long as blood flows through this arm of mine, I shall not leave the cause of freedom…I am only a woman, only a poet. But as a woman, I give to you the weapons of faith and courage and the shield of fortitude. And as a poet, I fling out the banner of song and sound, the bugle call to battle. How shall I kindle the flame which shall waken you men from slavery...”

Today her poems are part of school and college syllabus. Her works have immortalised her ideologies. We are proud to have this gem in our rich history. These lines are from her famous poem reflecting her never giving up attitude -


Shall spring that wakes mine ancient land again

Call to my wild and suffering heart in vain?

Or Fate's blind arrows still the pulsing note

Of my far-reaching, frail, unconquered throat?

Or a weak bleeding pinion daunt or tire

My flight to the high realms of my desire?

Behold! I rise to meet the destined spring

And scale the stars upon my broken wing!