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Breakfasts across India

Breakfasts across India

What do you eat?

Breakfasts across India

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; you should start your day with a healthy yet filling meal that can last you till lunch. That is how you maintain a balanced diet throughout the day and feel light and refreshed every day. India is a culturally diverse country with different religions being practiced all across. Every state has its own staple that people consume as breakfast. Here are some breakfast from across the country.

Arunachal Pradesh- Khura

This is as easy as it gets, made from buckwheat and served with tea made from yak milk, it is a staple in every house in AP during breakfast time.

Bihar- Sattu ke Paranthe

Sattu, which is traditionally made from roasted chana gram is made into flour and filled with ingredients such as ginger, ajwain etc which is then rolled into a normal parantha and shallow fried whenever required.

Chhattisgarh- Faraa

Known as the ‘rice bowl of India’ it is safe to assume that this dish too includes rice in some form. Made out of rice flour, milk, sugar and some dry fruits, Faraa is a sort of dumpling that is the staple breakfast in Chhattisgarh.

Delhi/Punjab- Paranthe

Both Delhi and Punjab have almost the same taste in food and it should not come as a surprise that they share their breakfast staple too. Paranthe, or Aloo ke Paranthe to be exact is an all time favorite breakfast. Have it with dollops of white butter and you’re ready to go to work!

Rajasthan- Mirchivada

This is a spicy one which consists of a big green chilly (bigger than the normal sized ones) that is stuffed with potato filling and eaten with tamarind chutney or a hot tomato sauce.

Breakfast is indeed the king of all meals.