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4 style hacks for girls this summer

You will breeze through the scorching season with these cool fashion tricks up your sleeve

4 style hacks for girls this summer

Let the heat be an excuse to show off your sartorial chops instead of hiding under a scarf. Dab on some sunblock and let your skin breathe during these warm months. In fact, summer is the perfect excuse to show some skin, provided you're hydrating yourself and wearing the right fabrics. Ditch the synthetic materials like polyester and nylon even if your favourite skirt is in one of them. This is the season to go natural with fabrics. Choose cotton, linen, khadi and breathable ones like viscose. Says designer Anita Dongre, “Natural fabrics in lighter shades will keep you cooler in the sun.” We looked to some style icons for inspiration on making streetwear look smart despite the garmi.

Style hack #1: Retro tea shades

Inspiration: Sonam Kapoor

Trust Sonam to lift a simple double denim combination with a pair of oversized tea shades (what rounded glasses are called in fashion circles). Tea shades have trickled down from The Beatles' musician John Lennon to rockstars today, and are now the shades of choice for fashionable girls like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Tea shades will up the cool quotient of the plainest of outfits, so get yourself one if you don't own a pair already. Gold rimmed tea shades are classic. If you're feeling brazen, get shades with blue or red tinted glasses. 

Style hack #2: Nautical stripes

Inspiration: Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia's airport look is casual, sporty and spells easy breezy summer, primarily because she chose the nautical stripes print for her dress. This print never goes out of style. Come summer, designers and streetwear brands bring out new creations in this sailor-inspired print. A T-shirt, a pair of shorts, linen pants, a dress and even a pair of sporty keds, you will find plenty of ways to play around with this print. Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee made heads turn with his nautical stripe blouse for traditional saris at fashion week. As for accessorizing, take a cue from Neha Dhupia and keep the colour palette in the same range as the print. 

Style hack #3: Ethnic sling bag

Inspiration: Dia Mirza

Ditch the usual high streeet zippered bags for something more functional this season. Leather and plastic, which is generally used to make highly coveted designer bags, tends to overheat outdoors, putting your belongings in danger of reaching melting point. Besides, they are cumbersome to carry on your arm when you are already tormented by perspiration and possible sun stroke. A sling bag in jute or canvas will leave both your hands free; it's also light in weight and summer-friendly. An ethnic print will ensure you aren't compromising on the bag's beauty either. In fact, it could be the necessary element to put togther a colourful Indo-western ensemble. Dia does it effortlessly with a tribal print sling bag to go with her sleeveless dress and white keds.

Style hack #4: Halterneck maxi dress

Inspiration: Adah Sharma

You'd be a fool to let summer pass by without stepping out in a vibrant maxi dress. It's comfortable, feminine and can be matched with a variety of accessories in the form of sunglasses, flip flops or heels, stacked bangles or bracelets, shoulder-brushing earrings or a fedora hat. A halterneck maxi is perfect for Indian girls since it shows off just enough of your arms and shoulders and you can adjust how deep you want the neckline to go. The halterneck style is flattering on chubby girls and skinny ones alike. Busy, psychedelic and tribal prints are the rage right now. Adah has matched her gorgeous Aztec tribal print maxi with her bracelet and kept her footwear simple.