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Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker welcome baby on his birthday

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker have double the reason to celebrate. The High School Musical star and her baseball player husband welcomed their first child together on July 3rd, coinciding with Tucker's 28th birthday. The couple, who began dating in 2020 and married in Mexico in 2023, were recently spotted leaving a Los Angeles hospital with their newborn.

Vanessa Hudgens gives birth to first baby with Cole Tucker

While the baby's sex and exact birthdate remain undisclosed, photos captured Hudgens and Tucker leaving the hospital with their little one. Hudgens, seen in a wheelchair with a nurse by her side, was discharged, while a proud Cole Tucker followed closely, managing their car loaded with belongings. Although the precise delivery date is unclear, typical hospital stays after childbirth depend on the delivery method and the baby's health. One thing is certain: they are bringing their bundle of joy home, making Tucker’s birthday celebration even more special.

Vanessa Hudgens previously made headlines at the Oscars, not only for her hosting duties but also for a stunning baby bump reveal, which she had successfully kept a secret for quite some time. Hudgens and Tucker’s love story began in an unexpected setting—a virtual meditation session during quarantine. Their connection quickly blossomed, with Hudgens, who had previously dated Zac Efron and Austin Butler, making the first move by sliding into Tucker’s DMs.

Their whirlwind romance, filled with romantic gestures, getaways, and mutual support—Hudgens cheering Tucker at his baseball games and Tucker attending her movie premieres—culminated in their marriage in 2023. Now, with the arrival of their first child, their love story has reached a new and joyous chapter.

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