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How These Girls Became National Crush Of India 2022?

You are here because you also want to know the list of National Crush Of India. right? This is why we created this article. Stay with us to find out how these girls/actresses become India's National crush overnight. The fans started increasing rapidly overnight, which made them crush every Indian citizen overnight. Rashmika Mandana became the Crush of India when videos of her making cute facial expressions went viral.

Thanks to the internet! The "national/international crush" trend has only appeared on the internet. Previously there was no such thing as crushing an Indian nationalist. But due to the massive presence of people on social media, it has made many celebrities very famous in a very short time. Today we are going to talk about 10 girls who became the National Crush Of India, some through their hard work and some through the mysterious Wheel of Wealth.

List of Most Beautiful National Crush Of India 2022

Before I get into the list, let me tell you that these ladies became an overnight sensation and won the hearts of many netizens. All the netizens are crazy about them, some of these women fell in love with India with their actions and some with their beauty and charm. Not only are netizens crazy about these ladies, but people in the real world never stop appreciating these beauties.

Now let's move on to the list without further ado.

1. Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana - National Crush Of India

Huge respect to the most beautiful and famous cricketer of India who got a very good place in the roster of India national team.

Many models, celebrities, and singers tend to take their place on this list, but very few guys have had an amazing chance to stand out on this list. And Smriti is one of them.

Smriti Mandhana, this girl became famous when she achieved the fastest 50% for India in the Women Twenty International meet. Also in June 2018, BCCI ranked Smriti as the best international cricketer. In fact, Smriti is a great example of beauty with brains and such girls exist!

2. Manushi Chillar

Manushi Chillar - Current National Crush of india

Who does not know Manushi Chhillar? After winning the Miss World 2017 title in a very short time, she gained huge popularity and also became National Crush Of India. Well, Manushi definitely deserves this label for his talent and beauty. Many of us know that Manushi was an MBA student before entering the world of modeling, but that's pretty surprising! She is really the hottest actress in Bollywood today.

Manushi Chillar is very active on Instagram. He has 6 million followers on Instagram. She always keeps posting her latest brand pics and upcoming movies not to mention her “amazing pics in different outfits”.

3. Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna - hottest actresses in bollywood today

Rashmika is a very famous actress in the Southern Film Industry. So far she has acted in several south movies and also did a Bollywood song with Badshah! It is no wonder that people all over India are becoming fans of Rashmika. She was also recently seen in the movie Pushpa. Pushpa is one of Rashmika's hit movies. Also, her amazing performance of "Saami Saami" wowed people across India.

Rashmika made her debut in 2016 with the movie Kirik Party and in 2018 and 2019 respectively for two years she won the title of National Crush Of  India. So far she has worked with big stars in the industry. She has around 29.1 million fans on Instagram. Rashmika has always wowed her fans with her amazing acting, great style and most importantly, sizzling “ada”. Not only that, Rashmika is also considered one of the most Sexy Indian Actresses in the Film Industry.

4. Disha Patani

Disha Patani - hottest bollywood actress

Many people know Disha Patani as a Calvin girl as you can always see her promoting the Calvin brand on her Instagram. Although she started her journey with Telugu Movie Loafer.

Do you think a small ad can make someone fall in love with India? But it happened. Cadbury's little ad made Disha a National crush. In a short time, she has gained a lot of fame through her movies, dances, pictures and also her advertisements. This girl has 48.9 million fans on her Instagram. 48.9 million is a whopping, isn't it?

She stays busy whether she is shooting movies or taking pictures. Disha Patani's photo shoot can sometimes leave you speechless and all you can do is admire her beauty. You can check out Disha's photo session on her Instagram where she regularly shares pictures of herself. She is on top in the list of National Crush Of India Female 2022

5. Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Prakash Varrier - sexiest bollywood actress

No need to explain why Priya became India's National crush, as everyone knows. A wink at her for 2 seconds made a huge spike in following her. This video went viral and people started watching this video about everyone's app status on many meme pages. This video broke all boundaries to spread quickly.

Although Priya is an actor, model, singer. In 2018, people fell in love with the homeland in a jiffy because of her video. Although you've seen many winks in the movies so far, Priya's wink was something of an unusual one. Do you agree with this? Priya has around 7.1 million followers on her Instagram platform.

Well, the point to keep in mind is that Priya fans are rather stagnant. She only increased his followers on Insta when she went viral with a wink and after a while everything was back to normal after that only 1 to 1.5 million of his fans were added to his list.

6. Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik - sexy indian actress

The girl Bum Digi Digi , also known as Sakshi Malik, drew a lot of attention when she was seen in the song Bum Digi Digi from the movie “Sonu Ke tittu ki sweety” in 2018. Her blond body with brown outfit and most importantly, her hot face in the toilet With black glasses make people fall in love with her beauty. Since then she has become famous and won the National Crush of India label.

7. Sanjana Sanghi

Sanjana Sanghi - New National Crush Of India

Unfortunately, very few people know that Sanjana has acted in two films as a supporting actress in Rockstar, Hindi Medium and Fukrey Returns, but the only film that gave her life the best chance was "Dil Bechara" against us all. Preferred time Sushant Singh Rajput. Although in 2020 due to covid this movie is not shown in cinema but this movie is digitally related. However, this movie opened her door to happiness and with that blast, she became the New National Crush Of India.

8. Isha Talwar

Isha Talwar

The girl from Mirzapur 2 Isha Talwar has acted in many films from various industries like Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. But her only role as “Madhuri” which brought her immense popularity and recognition was that of Mirzapur 2 which was released in November 2020. In fact, Mirzapur was one of the most exciting films when it comes to Bollywood. All the actors and actresses who starred in this movie have shown their best performances and if you have noticed, Isha has also seen it in a pear soap commercial. Besides, the one who was very lucky is Isha who also got the recognition to become India's national crush.

In a short time she has reached the millionth club when it comes to followers. She now has nearly 1.1 million fans on Instagram.

9. Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia - hottest bollywood actress

The singer covering famous songs has effectively become famous in a short time and Shirley is one of them. Well, very few people know about Setia's flight.

Setia is a singer and if you want proof of this go to youtube and check out her youtube channel under her name. She also worked on the movie “Nikamma” in 2021. Currently, on YouTube, she has 3.82 million followers. And also on Instagram, she has 7 million fans. And you might as well be one of them! Her pretty looks and soft voice made her very popular and in fact the Indian national Crush too!

10. Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana - Nationa Crush 2022

Well, no one will say that Himanshi is an Indian girl because of her looks. Himanshi looks like an international model. Himanshi is mainly seen in many Punjabi songs. In addition to this, she is very famous for her looks and personality. She has reached 10.2 million followers on Instagram. You can always see Himanshi wearing cool sports clothes and poses. Her facial features are so amazing that no one could stop him from seeing her. She is a great example of the "perfect body with the perfect smile."Himanshi is on top in Punjabi movies.

Having it in a song can literally change the whole game! Her single "Mann Bharrya'' has already surpassed 290 million views. Each of Khurana's songs has so far crossed millions of views. Besides the songs she also watched in Bigg Boss Season 13. And the amazing thing is that she won the Miss Ludhiana title in 2010 and she is National crush of India too

Comment below and let us know which one of these are your favorite crush.

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