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Jasmin contributes in protecting the environment on Earth Day 2022

Actress Jasmin Basin will soon make her debut in a Punjabi movie called Honeymoon. Keeping in mind Earth Day, which falls on April 22 every year, Jasmine expressed her thoughts on why everyone should necessarily contribute to saving our planet. She also shared how she performs her role and revealed that she continues to "say no to plastic". Jasmine also explained how our planet should be cared for and believed not only the responsibility of its citizens, but a necessity.

In an exclusive conversation, Jasmine Bhasin said, "In our house, if we see a leak or paint, we try to fix it as quickly as possible. Why not see Mother Earth as the biggest home? And individually contribute to saving it. It's not a job or a responsibility but a need for us." All of us to take care of it.Where would we go if we destroyed this beautiful place that has given shelter to so many lives?I feel that to raise awareness about caring for the earth one must first take their individual steps and make a change in their lifestyle and then it will be worth it if they put themselves Set an example and motivate others.”

Jasmine On Earth Day

She added, "I understand it's a big task, but a man or a woman can make a change, and to make that change they have to start first from their homes. You can do something like not use plastic garbage bags, to stop to start. Another thing that people can do is use paper Instead of wrapping paper for gift wrapping.There are so many creative ways to use newspapers for gift wrapping, one can easily search for them on the internet.The other thing for women is can I use menstrual cups instead of sanitary pads.I know it takes a little getting used to, but it Also very comfortable and eco-friendly.”

Jasmine revealed how she tried to keep her home free of plastic. She adds, “Most of my house is free of plastic. This is mainly due to plastic containers etc. I haven't thrown them away, reused them, but no new plastic containers or bags have come into my house in the past few years.” Two or three years. Second, I love the greenery around me and I have my own little garden at home. I have kept some really beautiful plants and they not only add to the beauty of the house but also impart positivity, peace and clean air.” Jasmine concluded, “I know people might think of 'ek ke karne se kya hoga", but at least 'ek' will be a start, and we all have to start somewhere when it comes to saving our planet."

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