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15 Simple and Small Hand, Neck, Wrist, Etc. Tattoo Designs For Women

Small tattoo designs are not meant to have less impact or look less amazing than big and giant tattoos. Small tattoo designs are really cool and cute. You can tell and express yourself and your story through your tattoo. It is very easy to cover it up if you are getting into a career that is not allowed.

Nowadays, women try more of these cute little tattoos and get them mostly inked on the neck, wrist, fingers, or arms. It looks effortlessly beautiful and elegant. Once you get a tattoo, you will definitely have everyone behind you asking for it.

Here are 15 specific, meaningful and creative small tattoo designs for women to sport:

1. Meaningful tattoo design

Meaningful tattoo design
Meaningful tattoo design

The pen is mightier than the sword. Even small tattoos can have a big impact. You can choose a word that represents you and your emotions. Get it inked and let your tattoo describe who you are. It's like a daily commute. You can even write the names of your loved ones and loved ones. It can be a beautiful hand tattoo.

2. Small and simple tattoos

Small and simple tattoos for women
Small and simple tattoos for women
Small and simple tattoos for women
Small and simple tattoos for women

You can choose any simple random design and ink it on your body. It could be a single flower or leaf on your wrist or finger. He seems calm and collected, as well as cool. You can choose something that you see and perceive in your daily life. For example, a cup of tea or a bird, it will definitely look original.

3. Butterfly tattoo

small-tattoo-designs hand tattoo
simple tattoo
simple tattoo

As you know, butterflies are short-lived, but they tend to delight everyone in the limited time they have. Getting a small butterfly tattoo will help remind you to live your life to the fullest and get the most out of it. Just as it will also remind you that the sky has no limits and therefore it is not for you.

4. Sunflower Tattoo

 Sunflower Tattoo
 Sunflower Tattoo design

If you are planning to draw a colored tattoo, then apparently a sunflower tattoo is the best option. It looks alive and animated. The vibrant and eye-catching color is peaceful on the eyes. Sunflowers also have a great history and meaning and will describe you. It symbolizes warmth and will also guide you and remind you to be calm in certain situations.

5. Small cross tattoo

Small cross tattoo
Small cross tattoo

It is important to believe in God and cross tattoos are just a daily reminder that things will get better. It will keep you going and make you strong. However, it is a holy symbol in Christianity and there are no restrictions for people of other religions.

6. Heart tattoo

Heart tattoo

Everyone needs love and compassion, what better than a heart tattoo to signify. Heart-shaped tattoo designs have been very popular among women throughout the ages. Women have a big heart and you can also wear it on your sleeves by tattooing it. Enough pun, but a heart tattoo has the power to express your affectionate side to people.

7. Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo

Many women choose these tattoos because they believe that it makes them stronger. These angel wings are the epitome of success, they will instill in you the confidence that you can fly high and no one will detract from your movement. Also, it can be a tribute to the guardian angels in your life.

8. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo designs
Anchor Tattoo design

Ladies, do not confuse this tattoo design with the symbol of masculinity. Many women perform this tattoo almost effortlessly and masterfully. This simple design and its smaller version will look best on your neck or wrist.

9. Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo

The king of the jungle, the lion, bows only to his lioness. Feel free to get this tattoo. The lion represents strength, boldness, daring, and effective leader. Not only men but also women can wear it easily. They look fierce and give off positive vibes. Having a Leo as your zodiac sign is just another reason why you should consider getting a tattoo.

10. Lotus Tattoo

Simple Lotus Tattoo Design

In Hinduism, the lotus flower is of the greatest importance. It radiates strength, energy, and purity. It's not fancy, it's accurate, but it's useful. It can help you connect with your inner self and discover your soul. Let your tattoo share your story with the world. Most of the women who live on the spiritual side get this tattoo.

11. Cat Tattoo

small simple cat tattoo designs
small simple cat tattoo designs

For all those women who love and practice cats, this is by far the best small tattoo design that can be done. He looks cute and adorable, both the cat and his tattoo. You can be creative and play around with their designs. You can be as creative as possible, from simply writing cat faces in ink to drawing a cat playing on your arm. Many people do this to show respect, love, and adulation towards their pets.

12. Mountain Traveler

Simple and attractive Tattoo design
Simple and attractive Tattoo design for women
Simple and attractive Tattoo design on leg

Those who love to travel and explore will definitely love this design. Women, who go hiking or roaming, show their affection for nature and wanderlust through these tattoos. The mountains are huge but calm and composed. This tattoo can help you reflect on your life from time to time. This tattoo has great meaning and power.

13. Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo
Quote Tattoo desgns for women

We all have that phrase that motivates or excites us all and pushes us towards our goal. Give him the opportunity to color it with your body. Women nowadays are more inclined to get tattoos with different quotes on their bodies. It helps you move forward in life and describes who you are. You can try different fonts to express your feelings and attachment to the quote.

14. Sun and Moon Tattoo

sun and mood tattoo designs

She seems to be the most popular among women for this cute design that defines the dichotomy between feelings and emotions just like the rest of us. As many say, women have ambivalent feelings about many things, for the most part, you can help them with your tattoo. The sun and moon tattoo shows strength and boldness along with calmness and emotions. Intimately, it describes what a woman is like in real life. What better than a tattoo that makes you feel who you are.

15. Small Tree Tattoo

Small Tree Tattoo designs

You have a lot of options here, you can select any tree you want and ink it in a relatively smaller size. It will look decent and attractive. You can also choose to draw your family tree on your body if you wish.

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