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Sunita, Govinda's wife, says she doesn't want to see Krishna Abhishek again

Actor and comedian Krushna Abhishek have always been in the spotlight due to his exceptional comedic timing and talented acting. In addition to her talent, Krushna has also been in the news due to her turbulent relationship with her uncle and Bollywood star Govinda. Recently, on the last episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Govinda and his wife were special guests of the week. On the same show, Krushna is a major star, however, he wasn't in that episode.

Govinda wife on krushna abhishek
Krushna is actually manipulating Mumbai and Raipur to shoot his movie and program. However, when he learned that his uncle and aunt would appear as celebrity guests on the next episode, he chose not to be a part of it. He told the tabloid that he didn't want to be a part of it and didn't try to reschedule his date because he thought both parties didn't want to share the stage.

Upon hearing Krushna 's statement in the media, Aunt Sunita steps forward and attacks him. She says that last year, in November, Govinda decided not to discuss family problems in public and kept her promise as a gentleman.

Sunita also says they want to keep a decent distance, but he has reached a point where he feels the need to address the issue. Sunita also claims that whenever she and Govinda appear on the show, Krushna says something about them in the media just for publicity. She also feels that there is no point in discussing a family matter in public and this is something that really bothers and pisses me off.

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