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Reason of The Family Man Season 2 Success

Domestic unrest collides with diplomatic tensions in season two of Amazon Prime Video's The Family Man, a fast-paced but lighter continuation of 2019's excellent season. 

Manoj Bajpayee returns as Srikant Tiwari, who struggles to fit into a corporate monotonous life. Saving the world, as his friend JK tells him in one of the first scenes, is no longer his job.  

In The Family Man Season 2, creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK continue their laudable campaign to view global and local conflicts from a human perspective. At the center of this experience is the Raji, an indoctrinated rebel soldier tasked with carrying out the assassination. Who knew it would take a shot of Samantha Akkineni to spark interest in Season 2 of The Family Man, but here it is.

 Raji is a great character, played with great confidence by Samantha, who plays against the guy. Of course, she is slapped in a thick brown-faced robe, but the actor relies on Raji's physicality rather than traditional tools like words and facial expressions. In this sense, the raji is an "evil" textbook. Brainwashed, she is primarily driven by a desire to right the wrongs of her past - a misplaced sense of goodness, but as they say, the best villains are heroes in their minds.


A freedom fighter for one man is a terrorist for another. Srikant understands this as he navigates another complex political situation, armed, as always, with the belief that governments come and go; Feelings fluctuate, but people are human. This is an idea espoused by the show in season one, as it boldly suggested that domestic terrorism might be as big a threat as external opponents.

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But what sets The Family Man cast apart from dozens of more popular broadcast series is the hilarious tone that Raj and DK bring to the party. Who doesn't enjoy the antics of JK, who asks a rough fellow after an unforgettable chase on foot to rub his back? Or another scene in which Srikant's daughter interrupts an emotional moment to ask what the word Hindi means.

Fans will also be pleased to know that Raj and DK's fascination with the one-shot cut is still in effect in Family Man 2. And although this time they share directing duties with Suparn Varma, they are behind two of the season's biggest action scenes. The first is a series of prison escapes in which the camera goes up and down stairs, in and out of corridors; Soft as he covers the shoot, and nervous when he appears in close-ups. But the resistance piece is the shooting and the chase after the end of Episode-9. The less you reveal, the better. It's so excitingly designed that you'll happily ignore some of the glaring shortcomings of the CGI department.

The Family man star cast's salary for season 2 :
1.Manoj Bajpayee/Srikant Tiwari         10 crore
2.Samantha Akkineni/Raji                    3 crore
3.Priyamani Iyer/Suchi                        80 lakhs
4.Sharib Hashmi/JK                             65 lakhs
5.Ashlesha Thakur                               50 lakhs
6.Darshan Kumar/Major Sameer             1 crore
7.Sharad Kelkar/Arvind                        1.6 crore
8.Sunny Hinduja/Milind                        60 lakhs
9.Shreya Dhanwanthary/Zoya               75 lakhs

The Family Man Season 2 got amazing response and ratings Nationwide.

family man season 2 ratings

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